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My First Waffle House

Can you believer I’ve never been to Waffle House? It’s true! So on the way back home from delaware, we stopped at one of the couple Waffle Houses we passed. Looks like there isn’t a Waffle House in greater philly. You have to go out to Lancaster or a bit deeper into Delaware than just across the border. I’ve seen these yellow signs plenty of times during my travels, but never felt compelled to go in. Well, I finally broke my Waffle House cherry.
They have waffles here. But not just waffles of course, but other breakfast type items, burgers, sandwich, y’know, diner type stuff. It was way past breakfast and lunch time, but you can get breakfast any time here. And who doesn’t love laminated placemats?
We got some waffles, bacon, eggs, and hash brown. That’s about as breakfast-y as breakfast gets. Everything was great! The waffles are big and thin and not crispy, and that’s not a bad thing. As much as I like the big motel do-it-yourself waffles which tend to have a crispy outside, these waffle house waffles are just great. It soaks up the butter and syrup so every bite is moist. And I absolutely love hash browns like this, the ones with the shredded potatoes. There’s just something about browned and crispy potatoes cooked on a big old griddle. It’s hard to duplicate that at home. And well, all this food pretty much cost next to nothing. I loved it!

Fractured Prune

When you drive around the main highway drag at the delaware seashore, you will inevitably pass Fractured Prune. You think to yourself “what the hell is a fractured prune?”, then you see the words “hot hand dipped donuts” which make you turn your car around and head on in.
Yes, hot hand dipped donuts is exactly what they serve. They have all kinds of crazy special donuts with candy and chocolate and nuts and whatever other wacky toppings they can think of, but you can also just decide on various flavored glazes. We chose to go traditional and just got one plain and one lemonade, which has a nice and simple lemon glaze. These were indeed hot and hand dipped and everything we thought they would be. Even the plain was unbelievably good. It’s dense and super moist, and since they were so fresh, hot! The lemon glaze was lemony, but not in an artificial way, and it wasn’t overly sweet either. They were both some of the best donuts ever!
They also have a highly efficient ordering system. When you order, they hand you a card from a deck. They write that down on the outside of the box. Then on the inside of the box, they write down your order. The peeps actually dipping the donuts fill up the box. Then once the box is filled, they yell out your card. Then you pick up your magical box of hot donuts. It’s genius actually. So kudos to you Fractured Prune! They also have other food and drinks there, but who the hell cares about that when there are hot hand dipped donuts everywhere! Don’t miss it!
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Ed’s Chicken & Crabs

What was supposed to be a nice and leisurely camping trip to the beaches of delaware ended up becoming death-defying and the most expensive camping trip I’ve ever had. You see, one should not walk on slippery jetty rocks with $2 old navy flip-flops. If one does that, they are sure to fall into the ocean and almost lose their life. I left alive, but badly dinged and scratched up. What did not live were my camera (bye bye canon sd1000) and my barely 8-month old android phone (bye bye htc aria). It certainly gave me an excuse to buy a new camera (hello canon s95) and go back to my old phone (hello crappy blackberry curve) but really, this $30 camping trip did not have to end up costing me an arm and a leg for new gadgets. The whole point of the trip was to eat crabs, so after administering first aid to myself, we headed over to Ed’s Chicken & Crabs in Dewey Beach. It’s pretty much a shack with outdoor seating, so you go up to the window and order. Then you grab a table, some paper towels, and get to tearing some shit up.
I wasn’t necessarily up for cracking open a whole bunch of blue crab, so we cheated and just got a mixed seafood platter and a couple of the crabs. It takes a lot of effort to eat blue crabs, and I was a bit sore and dejected from defying death, so I thought I could handle just one. The platter had steamed shrimp, scallops, different crab legs, and lobster tail. This platter wasn’t anything particularly exciting, but I enjoyed it. You also get some cole slaw and a roll and easily, some of the best corn-on-the-cob you’ve ever had. I absolutely love the corn from Ed’s. I don’t know what they do to it, sprinkle it with meth dust or whatever, but it’s just the damn best. The whole blue crab were good too, even though they’re manually intensive to eat. Sometimes, you gotta do some work for your food! Gosh I love crab season!
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