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Too Much Meat

There’s actually quite a number of places to eat in downtown Portland. I met up with T at Kenny & Zuke’s for lunch. It’s a jewish style deli, so you know, they make deli sandwiches with deli meat! The place is fairly new, very open, and bigger than you’d think a deli would be. It’s bright and inviting.
The deli cobb salad, with pastrami (!), chicken, avocado, tomato, egg, and of course lettuce. Seriously folks, this pastrami was so good. So tender and not super salty.To continue with the meat theme, pastrami cheese fries. Oh my word, there’s nothing healthy about this at all. Potatoes, cheese, cured meat, what’s not to like? Service was super friendly. The place was completely packed for lunch. When we asked our server exactly what pastrami was, he actually knew and was happy to tell us. If you like deli meats, this is definitely the place for you.
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Another Stop At Izenberg’s

The other day, we stopped at Izenberg’s again for lunch. Don’t ask what R got. You know – nova lox and bagels. But this time, I did try it. She made me a tiny little mini lox and bagel sandwich. I liked it! I didn’t expect not to or anything. It was very light. Not necessarily what I expected. No extremely strong flavors or anything. Quite pleasant.

As for me, I got an egg salad sandwich. Seemingly benign, but damn, this was good ass egg salad. Huge chunks of egg, and lots of it. It was so big that I ate only half and then had the rest for dinner. After having those amazing sweet potato fries at Good Dog the other day, I also decided to get a side of sweet potato fries. Bad idea. These weren’t sweet at all. In fact, they were like plain potatoes that they had dyed orange. Quite a disappointment. But that’s ok, my sandwich was still yummy. The service? Meh. Nothing to rave about.

Campus Eats – Don’t Be In A Hurry

After catching a film festival flick at the Bridge, we decided to grab a bite on campus. Look folks, there really isn’t much to choose on Penn’s campus. Truly. The pickins are damn slim. After walking around to no real avail, we ended up at Izzy and Zoe’s, which is essentially a deli. I think this place survives because there are tons of students who need to eat food. It was such an ordeal to even order. There were maybe 4 people working there, but only 1 person was taking orders, and he was also the only person making sandwiches. It was an insanely inefficient system. But this is not say that the food was not made with love. The one and only guy who actually was working, painstakingly constructed each sandwich with extreme attention to detail. Too much if you ask me.

Eventually when we did order, B got the “David’s Seal the Deal” which was smoked turkey, muenster cheese, honey mustard, all on grilled challah bread. I was almost tempted to get this myself.

Instead, I went with something crazy, the “Lovely Lindsey”, which was hot brisket with ketchup and fried onions slopped on top of two big ass potato latkes. I know looking at this picture it just looks like barf on a plate, but trust me, this was surprisingly awesome. The latkes were thick and crunchy on the outside. And with a hunk of that and a bunch of meat and onions and ketchup, gosh, I ate the whole damn thing. You knew I would.

So the service is awful, we can all agree to this. If you don’t care about that and aren’t in a hurry, it really is not a horrible place. If you do care about that and are in a time crunch, please avoid at all costs.

Izzy & Zoe’s
224 S 40th St
Philadelphia 19104
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