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Brazilian Fine Dining In Dublin

When I went to Green Nineteen, I had actually wanted to go to Sabor Brazil, but it was closed. So when I got back to Dublin, that’s where I headed. The weather was a bit warm for hot stew, but I didn’t care. My body wanted feijoada!

The place is really small and tucked away on a side street. It looks really crappy from the outside, but on the inside, it’s really fancy. Or at least they try to be. It was almost too fancified that it borderlined cheesy, but that kind of made it charming. The tablecloths and the chair covers were a bit too much for me. And fine fancy dining when it comes to brazilian food is kind of an oxymoron. I was literally the only diner there. Which is a shame, but apparently, sundays are really slow in Dublin. It was fine with me, at least I knew I would have their full attention.
While waiting for my feijoada to come out, they gave me a little amuse bouche. This was like a shaved iced type of thing, made with cachaca, lime, and other goodies. Kind of like a frozen shaved caipirinha served in a cute little glass with a spoon. Whatever it was, I liked it.
The menu isn’t too big, but boy, is it expensive. I ordered the feijoada, and here’s everything it came with. My bowl of piping hot feijoada, a heaping of buttery rice, hot greens, sliced oranges, some spicy oil, farofa, and a veggie vinaigrette. Despite the freakishly inflated price, everything was delicious, and quite authentic. I did not finish everything and I was beyond stuffed. I guess for “fine dining” in Dublin it was not necessarily expensive, but for brazilian food and feijoada, it was ridiculous. If you order feijoada in brazil, it would probably cost a couple of bucks. This was well over 20 euros. And when you translate that to dollars… well, it ends up being about $30 overpriced. But whatever, it was still good, and the service was excellent. After all, I had the server all to myself!

Sabor Brazil
50 Pleasant Street
01 4750 304

Flying Again

The next leg in this journey was in Switzerland, so I headed off to the airport to catch my flight to Zurich. Grabbed a lovely latte at Soho Coffee. It was excellent.
Swiss Air, my first time on this fine carrier. Great flight. They even gave us sandwiches, and I didn’t have to pay for it. This is laugenbread, which I’ve been seeing all over the place now. There was sliced chicken, cheese, and mustard on it. At first, I freaked out about the mustard because I’m not a mustard fan, but I just decided to eat it anyway, and it was just fine. I could barely taste the mustard, even though it was very seedy looking. I am definitely a fan of this bread though! They even asked us if we wanted seconds… but I did not partake. The other sandwiches were laugenbread also, but just with mozzarella cheese.
And yes, they gave us little mini toblerones too.

Green Nineteen

I actually hadn’t planned on going to Green Nineteen this night. It was on my list, but I had really been hankering for some feijoada. So I had walked to Sabor Brazil and found out that it was closed. It looked like they had gone on holiday or something, and wouldn’t be open again until the next day. The next day I would be leaving town. I had passed Green Nineteen on my walk to Sabor Brazil and noted to myself, oh, that’s where Green Nineteen is. Well good thing I saw it, because I was starving, and then I had to end up going there. This place is cool. Yes, they have a big poster of Obama in their entry. It’s modern, clean, and cool. Just cool. Lame description, yes, but it’s true. This place seems to be quite popular, as I saw many people being turned away. I was lucky to get a spot right in the front where they have a couple of high tops.
I started with a red fruit smoothie that they made fresh just for me. I had wanted green but they only had this one available. It was super tangy and full of so many different fruits and berries. It was extremely seedy… but certainly tasty.
Their menu is actually quite small. And shocking to Dublin standards, these prices are positively cheap. Most things are 10 Euros or less. Seriously folks, that’s cheap for Dublin! I asked the server for recommendations and one of the things he recommended was the lamb chump tagine. I went for it. It is a big hunk of lamb served with couscous and root vegetables. I’m not normally a lamb person, but I really enjoyed this. It had a tomato based sauce with lots of spices and it was delicious. The couscous was the perfect companion and even the root veggies (aside from carrots, as I dislike cooked carrots) were good. And this was only 10 euros! For something that equates to about $14-15 bucks, even that’s cheap. They could, and should certainly charge more for a dish like this. That’s even super cheap for american standards.
Service was great and super friendly. It’s a cool place, but it’s a totally relaxed and casual atmosphere. It’s no wonder so many people want to eat here. I’m having good luck with Dublin eats on this trip!

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