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The M Room – Club At A Club

We stopped by the M Room to see a friend’s band. The band’s not worth writing about, but the club sandwich is! I’d already eaten, but K was starving. While waiting for a menu, she saw someone else’s uneaten turkey club and it looked so good, she had to have it. And sure, she was absolutely famished, and maybe that’s why she loved it so much, but even after her starvation wore off, she still liked it. It was a very good club sandwich. I did eat a bunch of the fries, and I totally loved these fries. Seasoned fries, crispy, not greasy. I’m a fan of these. They have a pretty big and extensive menu, as well as daily specials. If I ever go back there, I’ll be sure to eat a proper meal.
Our bartender was really nice. It was his last night working there as he is getting ready to sell his soul and go back to the law degree that he never took advantage of. So a couple of years from now, if you ever meet a heavily tattooed lawyer who looks like a german soldier from WWII, then it might be him.

Chickie’s & Pete’s, Yo!

I thought I’d get your attention with this photo. No, noone got murdered during the making of this blog post. Well, no human anyway. Just some innocent crabs. Oh, so by the way, we went to Chickie’s & Pete’s. I’ve been once before, to the original NE Philly location. We went to the big, huge, ginormous one by the stadium this time. I swear to you, this is one of the biggest restaurants I’ve ever seen in my life. It just kept going on and on and on.

A girley drink. Passion fruitini. Haha. I liked it.
We got some seafood chowder. It’s a tomato based non-creamy chowder. It has all kinds of veggies, and a bunch of mussels and a shrimp. I quite liked this. It’s quite a bit spicier than it looks. Dip the bread into this chowder. Delicious.
Yes, the world famous crab fries. These are fairly thinly sliced crinkle fries with seasoning on them. The thinness makes them sufficiently crunchy. And now, they come with two helpings of the cheese sauce. It’s a nice and mild sauce, perfect for the spiced fries. I actually had my fill of fries and chowder and didn’t even need to order any other food. It’s quite a large basket of fries.

R got the snow crab legs. This is what gave her those crazy murder mitts. I got a bit of a taste of this, and yes sirree bob, I am a fan of their crabs. One nice touch is that they have these fancy sink troughs in the middle of the restaurant so you can wash off your crazy crab hands without even having to go to the bathroom.

Service here was fine. The girl was nice enough. And for such a ginormous place, the food comes out surprisingly fast. Because it’s so big, it’s very noisy. Plus, they have tons of tv’s with sports playing. They also either have a dj or just pump dancey music. This isn’t a place for romance people, it’s for drinking and gorging on crabs and crab fries.

PS – I hereby introduce a new feature of the foodzings blog post: The PS. I talk about the bathroom. Yes, the bathroom. At Chickie’s & Pete’s, the ladies room is large. Loved the colorful tiles. See the sinks? They’re crab pots. Adorable. Plenty of stalls and clean. They also have all kinds of hair crap for the ladies. Be forewarned though, if you partake of any of them, the bathroom attendant will tell you “you know you’re supposed to pay for that”. She obviously does not know the concept of tips.
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More Shakes!

After dinner, I got an impromptu invitation to Nifty Fifty’s for shakes. Who can say no to shakes? Who can say no to Nifty Fifty’s? Sure, I was stuffed, but who cares. Ok, R said shakes, but somehow she made us order cheese fries. No complaints really, but I so did not need to eat these.
R got peanut butter cup and I got strawberry cheesecake. Ok, my shake was pretty much strawberry, with really little cheesecake. It was still good, but really, they should just call it strawberry.
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