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Mediocre Mantra

R was gracious enough to take T out and show him around our fair city. You’d think his boss would have taken him out, or someone in his department, but no. Somehow, it fell upon R’s shoulders, and being the extremely nice and hospitable person that she is, we all agreed to show this Brit around. R wanted to go to Mantra, so we stopped by fairly late for drinks. We ended up eating a little bit too. I’ve been there a couple of times before and had nice experiences both times. Unfortunately, we didn’t have as much luck this time round.
H/A got the pu-pu platter. Some ribs, chicken wings, calimari, pot stickers, and spring roll. The ribs were really blah. They look like they’d be flavorful but they weren’t. I enjoyed the pot stickers and the calimari. The spring roll had duck in it but ended up getting too soggy and couldn’t be picked up. I didn’t try the chicken wings.
T is a vegetarian and he got the buddha’s feast veggie lo mein. He said it was alright. It looked alright, but not exciting.
R got a full entree of the ribs. As I said, they were blah and didn’t have enough flavor. She enjoyed the sweet potato fries the best. The sweet potato mash was ok too. I will say that the asian red head cocktail still kicks ass, although it was quite sweet that night. The burnt peach was good too, but so strong that it kicked my ass something fierce.

For it being so not crowded, the food came out way too slow. The servers were nice enough, and they were having fun doing shots with H/A, but that really doesn’t excuse how long it took for the food. Seriously, we had no idea why anything would take so long. Unless they were still growing the sweet potatoes. All in all, it was quite a mediocre meal. I think Mantra is much better for happy hours with strong cocktails. As for the food, you can do without.

Hockey Eats

I won some flyers tickets a few weeks ago from work. Not exactly my cup of tea, but I thought why the hell not. It would probably be my one chance to go to a professional hockey game (since it’s not like I would ever choose to go) so I thought I would see what the fuss was all about.

The food choices are plenty, but all terrible for you. Not that I mind. We got some chicken fingers and a chicken sandwich, and of course, some crab fries, from chickie’s & pete’s. The quality of the food is tons crappier than at the proper chickie’s & pete’s restaurants. But whatever, you’re watching sports, drinking beer, and eating slop. And don’t even get me started on how much it all cost. This is why I don’t normally do stuff like this. Oh, and the Flyers got their asses whooped.

Too Much Meat

There’s actually quite a number of places to eat in downtown Portland. I met up with T at Kenny & Zuke’s for lunch. It’s a jewish style deli, so you know, they make deli sandwiches with deli meat! The place is fairly new, very open, and bigger than you’d think a deli would be. It’s bright and inviting.
The deli cobb salad, with pastrami (!), chicken, avocado, tomato, egg, and of course lettuce. Seriously folks, this pastrami was so good. So tender and not super salty.To continue with the meat theme, pastrami cheese fries. Oh my word, there’s nothing healthy about this at all. Potatoes, cheese, cured meat, what’s not to like? Service was super friendly. The place was completely packed for lunch. When we asked our server exactly what pastrami was, he actually knew and was happy to tell us. If you like deli meats, this is definitely the place for you.
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