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North Third Small Eats

I’ve only had drinks and brunch at North Third, so this was my first time visiting for dinner. This place is crowded and exceedingly loud on a weekend evening. Was this giant eagle always over the bar? When you order french fries here, it comes out in an absolutely huge bowl. Like a small family of cats could live in this bowl. The dipping sauce is pretty good.
I got the mac and cheese and the chicken tortilla soup. The soup was very lukewarm and not too exciting flavor-wise either. The mac and cheese was only ok. I wasn’t particularly enthralled with either. I didn’t even realize until later on that this was exactly what I ordered to eat when I was at Nada in Cincinnati. Am I set in my ways, or what? North Third on Urbanspoon

Euclid Hall – Denver

After walking around the extremely touristy 16th st mall, we walked over to Euclid Hall for some grub. They specialize in pub grub and the place is really cool. I really liked the decor, especially their unique light fixtures. There is a big bar and open kitchen and some seating downstairs. Then there’s also a huge dining space upstairs. At first, I had no idea the place was so big. But looks can be deceiving. There are some outdoor tables as well.
They make a bunch of their own sausages and bratwurst. But as you may have guessed, we were all sausaged out from Biker Jim’s earlier. They have a bunch of local beers on draft, as obviously, Denver is a big beer town. Also, they have a study hall every day, which is their version of happy hour.
I’d never had poutine before but have always wanted to try it. When I saw that they carried it on their menu, I had to try it. I wasn’t sure which one to get but S said we should try the duck one. What is poutine? It is typically french fries topped with cheese curds and gravy. This particular one at Euclid Hall was topped with roasted duck, duck gravy, cheddar cheese curds, and black pepper. I don’t know how authentic this is, but I like poutine! Except I didn’t really like the duck. In fact, I don’t really like duck, except at chinese restaurants. So I would have preferred the meat. Oh well. But fries with cheese and gravy on top? I’m all for it!
We also go their version of the Oyster Po’boy. It is served on a hearty thick potato bread roll, with bacon aioli, Jorel’s hot sauce, cucumber, and red onion. Ooh, this was so good! And the best part? The cucumber, because you know, that makes it healthy, and the Jorel’s hot sauce! Who or what is Jorel’s hot sauce? I have no freakin idea! But it was pretty amazing. If it’s someone who works at Euclid Hall, can I have the recipe? If it is available commercially, I need to get it! The service was fine. The prices are low, but that’s because the portions are not large. They are not teeny portions, they’re normal sized, as they should be, not cheesecake factory size. I recommend it!

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Desserts And Beers On Mifflin

After our illustrious indonesian meal, we wanted to get some dessert. We wanted to go to Golosa, but it was closed for the summer. So instead, we ventured elsewhere in south philly and ended up on Mifflin at South Philadelphia Taproom. I’ve been here before for food and really enjoyed it, but had never had dessert before.
We got the strawberry shortcake to split. We also wanted to try the pot brownie, but when we tried to order both, they told us not to do it, as the pot brownie is apparently ginormous. And so is this strawberry shortcake! This is plenty for two people to share. The shortcake itself was fresh and still warm! It was a tiny bit burnt on the bottom, but who cares, we just left the burnt bits. The whipped cream was not from a tub or canister, it was freshly whipped, and you could just tell. I loved it! It was made with love.
We were going to try to see if Ultimo / Brew had any dessert options, but the pickins were slim. It was late, so that might have had something to do with it, but even if it was early, the dessert pickins are probably slim. It was the first time I had been there in a long time, and the first time since there was actually beer there. So I perused the coolers of beer and was very impressed with the selection, as well as the prices! If I didn’t live so far away, I’d happily pick up my bottled brews here.
I did pick me up a 6-pack of the Joe Coffee Porter, by Philadelphia Brewing. There’s a slight coffee taste, it’s not that overt, but I loved it. I highly recommend it!
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