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Frankfurt Airport Eats

Going back to Dublin, I had a layover in Frankfurt. I grabbed a few things to nibble on. I got a tuna sandwich on laugenbread. It was great! I loved the tuna because it was extremely fine (no big hunks of tuna) and had no horrible bits of celery crunch. It was almost as if the tuna had been mixed in a blender. I decided to give those paprika flavored chips a try. They were not that exciting. The flavor itself was ok, but there wasn’t enough of it. They just didn’t take it far enough.
The best thing was this blood orange flavored fanta! It had blood orange flavor, along with some other red fruits. Man, what I would give if this were available in the states! But unfortunately, this would be considered way too exotic for US markets. Damn it!

Food Shopping In Germany

So I walked to Germany (yes, it’s that close), and decided to check out the food shopping there too. The Rhein Center happened to have this giant Marktkauf store in it. Let’s explore! I was impressed by the Swiss yogurt selections, but this one is even more freakishly vast. And they have giant sized tubs here. Oh look, the best of the wursts… They too are fans of tube technology. Here, we see tomato paste concentrate in tubes. Ketchup and mayo in a tube. I’m not sure how I feel about this. In addition to tube technology, Germans love packet technology. There are aisles and aisles of packeted foods. In no other country will you see so many purple foods sold. Apparently, McDonalds sells ketchup in Germany. These greens look sickeningly amazing. Um… someone tell me what this giant pointy freak cabbage thingy is… Even more cheese than in the Swiss grocery. It’s too much! But then you look at the giant aisle simply dedicated to butters and spreads. Seriously, it’s frightening. They also like to put their veggies in jars here. Cans are popular too, but you’ll see many more jars than in the US. I wonder why that is? And you can bet your on-time German trains that they’re already selling christmas stuff. Oh dear. Prices are quite reasonable. And the depth and breadth of the offerings here were quite impressive. The germans do their grocery super stores quite well!

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