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Jonesing For An Amish Bread Fix

Today, I drove all the way to Ambler to pick up some Amish peach crack from my friend who had gone to Shady Maple the day before. Shady Maple is a smorgasbord and a farm market. The smorgasbord is very very large, and not for the faint of heart. I’ve only been there once, and this was probably over 7 years ago now, but I never forgot the most wonderous thing I found there – peach bread. You see this is peach crumb bread. With big chunks of peaches (probably not fresh, but don’t worry, it doesn’t matter), and a crumb topping. It’s Delicious with a capital D. Plus, at the smorgasbord they serve it with a whipped butter, which just eases onto that bread like, well, whipped butter onto bread. I don’t remember anything else I ate that day (I have vague recollections of some good mac and cheese and possibly seeing a shoo-fly pie) but I never ever forgot about that bread. Then my friend told me she was going there and all those feelings came rushing back. I had to have that bread! I didn’t go crazy and only had her get me 2 loaves. But I couldn’t even wait until Monday to get it. Heck, I would have gotten it on Saturday (she went on Saturday morning) but by golly, I had alot of crap to do. So I had to wait a day. But went I did this morning and got my fix. It was as good as I had remembered, if not better. Oh my Amish bretheren, how I love thee and your baked good ways…

Since I was in the neighborhood, I made a quick stop at Assi Market in North Wales. This is the competitor of H Mart, but I don’t think they have to worry as they’re not at all close to each other in locality. This is the really big Korean market in the suburbs. It used to be an actual regular grocery store, so it has luxuriously wide aisles and is brightly lit. They also had a food court so I had a little lunch, but I forgot to take a picture (damn, I was that hungry) so I won’t pontificate on it. There were no random tuna fish heads around at Assi though, thank goodness. But speaking of fish, I was compelled to take a picture of the dried fish shelves. All kinds of dried fish. For cooking, for snacking, for using as flavoring. It probably looks a bit disturbing to some of you, but believe me, if you grew up with it, you too would be drooling looking at that cartoon squid on the packaging. Yum.

Memorable Food Names

I was in a colleague’s office today when I noticed a bagged snack on his desk. It was reddish with some black and I asked him “is that poppycock?” Yes, I uttered these words. To an Assistant Vice President. They weren’t Poppycock after all, they were Lay’s potato chips. But some how, I’d thought they were just from a slight sideways glance at the packaging. Now what’s even more bizarre is that I don’t know that I’ve ever even eaten Poppycock! I’m pretty much a Cracker Jack kind of girl. I love Cracker Jack more than probably anyone else out there. Some people tell me I have a Cracker Jack problem. I’ve been known to eat it for lunch or dinner. As a meal.

So the fact that I’d recognized their red and black packaging as Poppycock was strange enough. But the fact that I knew the packaging even though I’d never eaten it was even stranger. But not as strange as the name Poppycock itself. Seriously folks, what marketing geniuses came up with this stuff? Probably the same people who named a hamburger chain Fuddruckers.

Sometimes I really worry about what’s stored in the deep crevices of my noggin. Now I really want some Cracker Jack…

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