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Boulder Farmers Market – At Night

We left Fort Collins and headed for the Rocky Mountains. It’s like a postcard. Seriously. Check it out! After enjoying some more nature, we drove onward to Boulder!
Little did we know, but Boulder County Farmers Market was happening, and it was night! A farmers market, at night. Everyone should do this. Because you know, most people have jobs during the day. They have a bunch of vendors with your typical stuff… fruits and veggies, meats, breads, pastas, sweets. It all looked great.
They also have a little food court section with all kinds of random food… like gazpacho. I’ve been to a bunch of farmers markets, but this was my first gazpacho stand.
Also, a pupusa stand. And in Boulder fashion, there are vegan and gluten free options.
The most popular vendor seemed to be Sisters’ Pantry. They’re a dumpling shop.
Even their donuts are organic! It’s a small farmers market and the hot food vendor section is small too, but there is tons of variety in both. Take note every other city in the world, you should have a farmers market at night too!

Adorable Milk & Honey Market – West Philly

I stopped by a craft and music festival in northern liberties real quick and then had to haul ass over to west philly. I still had to eat something so while driving around and around trying to find a place to park, I spotted the Milk & Honey Market which was caddy-cornered from where I needed to be. This is where I was going to have to find something to eat! Or else! This place opened last year and is a very cute little market stocking local grocery fare, lots of cheeses, and some prepared foods, drinks, and sandwiches. True to their name, they also have a bunch of adorable honey products.
It’s obviously no whole foods, but it’s a nice little neighborhood spot. It’s nice to know that it’s there when you just need to pop in and grab something. Plus, the place has great wood floors. And tables and wi-fi!
I was interested in the turkey panini, but the guy told me I should get the ham and cheese. Now, he was pushing these because these were on special this day, and they had made a whole bunch. So basically, he needed to get rid of them. But that’s ok, because it was great! They use metropolitan bread, local country ham, and Lancaster cheddar cheese, a little spicy mustard, and grill it. And it turns out warm, ooey gooey, and delicious. I wasn’t able to grab a pic because I ate it in the dark during a movie, but trust me, it was tasty. If you’re in the area and want a quick bite, try one of their paninis!

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Trader Joe’s Crispy Snacks

Lately, I’ve needed to store up on snacks in my office. Why? Because I need constant sustenance. I’m not sure what it is… is it the heat? But I’m constantly hungry. I’ll eat a big meal and drink a large drink, but minutes later, I’m hungry. If it’s not the heat, then maybe it’s tapeworm. But whatever it is, I need snacks on hand. I actually don’t typically crave terrible things, luckily, but I’ve been enjoying all these crunchy snacks from trader joe’s. These veggie chips? Delicious! They’re crispity, barely salty, and really hit the spot. It also comes in a stick variety, but essentially taste the same. They’re made out of potatoes, but they just seem healthier than regular potato chips. If you look at the nutritional info, they’re actually not that terrible. They call these “Crunchy Curls” because that’s exactly what they are. These things are curly and they’re extremely crunchy. And you know what? They’re made out of lentils. Yes, lentils! And yes, you can tell that these are made with lentils, as they taste quite a bit on the healthy side, perhaps too healthy tasting. I did enjoy these, especially the extremely hard crunchiness, but I’m not sure I’d buy them again.
But these are probably my favorite. I love these snapea crisps! I love the crispity texture of these! And I think it’s so cute that they shape them into snapea shapes, but you know they really don’t have anything to do with snapeas. But they are made with green peas and aren’t that terrible for you! Really, as far as snacks go, all of these are healthier options. And it makes me feel psychologically good that I’m eating vegetables, somewhat, when snacking on these.

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