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Random Raves And Travel Food

The Salted Caramel ice cream from bi-rite creamery. Words… cannot… describe… You know on the Simpsons when Homer just starts drooling? Yeah, that’s pretty much this ice cream. It’s just… gah… I don’t know how… what… blargh. You just have to try it yourself. Bi-rite, I’m happy you’re far away.

Yum… a big old giant bottle of beer that’s the cost of like a case of beer… Look at it, it has a date of when bottled and they only made 600 cases… and it’s aged in oak barrels…

J kept on going on and on about this cabbage slaw from bi-rite, the market part. I can see why he likes it so much. The crunch, the zest, the technicolor beauty. It’s awesome. When it was nearly gone, there was still dressing left so we threw in some raw shredded cabbage in there to extend its life.

Before my flight out to SFO, I hung out in the US Airways lounge. You can’t bring outside food in, so I had to buy something or otherwise starve. I got the tuna salad. Oh the whole thing was just bad. The cucumbers were old, the tuna fish was blah, the croutons were old, and the greens were wilted. But the dressing was good! But overall, terrible and overpriced. I was very disappointed. The food on the airplanes is a thousand times better.
And here is some evidence of the food on the flights that I actually enjoy. My flight home was horrifically delayed. They did not even offer us a free cocktail or anything. But I had to eat so I got the cheese and fruit snack pack. I really like this thing. The grapes were sweet and fresh, and so were the strawberries. There were three different types of cheese cut into cubes and a few crackers. Plus, there were some juicy dried apricots. All in all, it’s not a bad deal!

Another Trader Joe’s Win

So I really like the mandarin orange chicken that comes in the frozen packages at Trader Joe’s. I tried the teriyaki chicken once, and it was gross. But I thought I’d give the Tempura Chicken with Sweet and Sour sauce a go. I’m not sure why they call it that, because it’s basically sweet and sour chicken, the kind you would get at your local chinese take-out. But for whatever reason, tj’s decided to slap a japanese name on it. It even says “Trader Joe San” at the top, which is clearly japanese. Do they think chinese and japanese are the same? Well, it’s slightly offensive, but I’m quick to forgive because it tastes freakin good. It really does taste just like sweet and sour chicken.
It’s pretty easy to make. You either heat up the chicken pieces in the oven or pan fry it. Then you heat up the sauce in the microwave and drizzle it over the chicken pieces. It doesn’t get much easier than that, aside from ordering in. And even though I could order this from my neighborhood chinese joint, there’s something about “making” it myself that makes me feel better. As if I’d made it myself, even though clearly, I haven’t. But I’ll take whatever credit I can pretend to give myself. I’ll be the first to admit, I’m much better at eating than cooking.

Wegmans Trip On Easter

To me, easter is pretty much just like any other sunday, except stores I like going to are closed. That part irks me. This easter weekend was absolutely gorgeous, and after a nice long bike ride, I took a little outing to Wegmans because they were open! I got to stock on some of my faves, the blood orange soda and blueberry cereal. But I also just like to go and see what’s up. These breads with W’s on them are rather cute.

They really do have quite an array of fresh prepared foods. Their little cafe area has tons of already cooked stuff and beer to go. It’s like a little food court, along with a restaurant. But what I really like is the amount of food they have that’s prepared already, with flavoring and seasoning and what not, that just needs to be taken home and cooked. Even the veggies have been cut up and cleaned for you. It’s like cooking, but only part way. All the annoying prep part is already done. They have fish and seafood, chicken, and meat options all ready to go.

Sometimes they have stuff I can’t find elsewhere. I love radiatore, and you can find them here, but they’re called nuggets. But I find Wegmans a bit strange because they have so much non-food stuffs as well. Most grocery stores have tons of toiletries and cleaning products and what not, but Wegmans has more than others. It’s almost like they’re trying to compete with the Wal-Marts or Targets with groceries in them, instead of regular grocery stores. The amount of square footage dedicated to non-food boggles my mind. It’s like they have a bit of an identity crisis. But I don’t mind. I bought some really nice and cheap toothbrushes while I was there. This girl isn’t going to complain.

They have the Tiger Tiger sauces here too. Since the little spice shop in the Ardmore Farmers Market closed down, I would have had to go to world market to get this. I’m glad I don’t have to anymore.

They have a variety of fresh naan here too, which is totally cool.

The prices here sometimes good, sometimes bad, and pretty much just averages out. But I find the quality of their food to be high, and everything at least seems fresh. But 99 cents for a lemon or a lime? And they’re not even organic? I don’t think so!
The blood orange soda at Wegmans is something I love. The version sold at Target sucks. I picked up the above version at Trader Joe’s the other day and it’s just as good as the Wegmans one! It’s a perfect substitute!

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