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Food Shopping In Dublin

What’s food shopping like in Dublin? I set to find out. There are little convenience type stores all over the place. Like this SPAR. I think they’re open pretty much all the time.
Or this Centra. These convenience stores all carry staple groceries, as well as lots of prepared foods.
But let’s explore this proper grocery store called Superquinn. If you look real hard, you can see the “Cheesemonger” sign!
The Irish love their sparkling waters.
In Ireland, Uncle Ben makes asian sauces. Does he do this in the US? No idea.
These strawberries look amazing. Strawberries in the US look gross compared to these adorable little beauties.
It is Ireland people… there are plenty of potatoes to be found.
Here’s some bread just sitting around. This would never happen in the US.
Some pies just sitting around too, without covers. Again, you would never see this at home.
Brown sauce! You know it’s the UK now!
These eggs are just sitting on a shelf. And not refrigerated. Again, you never see this in the states. Food prices aren’t too crazy here. But you have to remember it’s the Euro. It’s the restaurants that tend to be on the expensive side. And oh, you have to pay for bags.

Assi Food Court

It got pretty cold in the middle of the week, so I got in the mood for hot noodle soup. Particularly hot and spicy soup. So I dragged H/A to Assi’s food court to get me some korean noodles. There’s a variety of korean food to choose from, as well as a bit of japanese.
H/A got some kitsune udon. He said that ever since we went Mitsuwa and I got the kitsune udon there, he’d been wanting to get some for himself. The portion sizes at the japanese spot at Assi is nice and big.

H/A likes to order two entrees. He just does. So he also got a bulgogi platter. It came with a giant plate of rice, and some banchan. The kimchi was ok, the radish kimchi was weird, and the black bean dish was too salty, not enough sweet. The soup was good too.

I wanted my hot korean noodle fix, so I got a nice big bowl of jjamppong. It’s a dish that originated in china, but it’s been quite koreanized. It’s one of my favorite korean dishes of all time. This wasn’t the greatest jjamppong around, but it really hit the spot. The noodles are usually thick and hand pulled, but these were just some boring thick spaghetti type noodles. There certainly could have been more seafood in it. Not exactly what I wanted, but you know, sometimes, you take what you can get. I still enjoyed it! It looks like a big bowl of red death, but it’s not too spicy. Spicy, but not too much so.

Assi Plaza Food Court
1222 Welsh Rd
North Wales, PA 19454
(215) 631-9400

The Great Korean Grocery Store War

We wanted to catch the taiko show, but had a bunch of time to kill, so we decided to explore some more of this part of new jersey. It’s chock full of asian neighborhoods. We wanted to go to an H Mart, and googled for one in Fort Lee. Then we got there, and it wasn’t even in existence yet. FAIL. One of the only times google has ever failed me. Don’t think I won’t remember this google!
Luckily, we found another one, an open one, nearby in Ridgefield. This one was a Super H Mart. What makes it so super? Well, it was pretty damn big. And it had more little shops in it than any other asian market I’d ever been too. It almost seemed like a little korean mall was attached to it. And man, did they give out free samples! It was awesome! Because it was such a huge store, there were tons of samples being given out. They usually do that at the one by me, but my H Mart is so small that if there are samples, it’s one or two things. Let’s just say that we got quite full with samples!The crazy thing was that on our way to this Super H Mart, we passed by the grand opening of H&Y Marketplace. I didn’t know what this was, but after a quick google, I found out it was another korean supermarket! Practically next to the H Mart. Seriously, it’s like 100 yards away. They could share parking lots if they really tried.
I can’t say that I have a preference, but the H&Y was much more attractively decorated on the inside. As if they were catering to a slightly more sophisticated crowd, more of a whole foods crowd, while stocking the same exact food as H Mart. It’s smaller though, and the aisles seem quite narrow. They had tons of free samples as well. I loved them both!

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