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POM Juices

I’ve never gotten anything for free because I have a food blog. Until the people from POM wanted to send me some free POMs. How could I say no? And oh my gosh, they went me a case of the most adorable little single serve size POMs. So cute and adorable, just mini versions of the bigger bottles.

Pomegranate juice is super awesome for you in so many ways. And although tart, it’s pretty tasty. I actually like to mix some seltzer or club soda in so that it’s like a little POM spritzer. One thing I’ll say about these juices though, is that be careful when you drink it. With these little bottles, I found myself spilling quite a lot, even though I was drinking directly from the bottle. There was always a tiny bit of spray as I was finishing sipping. And I ended up staining a bunch of shirts with a little drop or two. It never failed. So just be careful! Or wear dark clothes when you want some POM!

Hate Post

I don’t really like to use this blog to say negative things… BUT… I have to make an exception here. I like bagels. I like them for breakfast. And I like cream cheese on them. Plain bagels with plain cream cheese. Plain and simple. I like the bagels from trader joe’s, the regular ones and the mini ones. I’ve had the regular whipped cream cheese from there before and loved it. Then I tried this light version of the whipped cream cheese. Eww… gross… This thing was disgusting. It was sour. Like that was the flavor. And it hadn’t gone bad. It was brand new, way before expiration. But it was just sour. I couldn’t stand it. I threw it away. Epic fail trader joe’s, epic fail. I almost had a mind to take it back there and get my money back. I really should have. Perhaps when it comes to cream cheese, I’ll just stick to the regular version and not even try to go light.

TJ’s – Soup!

My new love, and you know I love me some soup, is this creamy corn and roasted pepper soup from trader joe’s. It’s made with poblano peppers, that’s why it’s this putrid color. I know it’s not at all appetizing looking, but it tastes freakin amazing. Sweet corn with the slight spice of poblano peppers, and it’s incredibly thick and rich. It does have tons of sodium though, but they do have a low sodium version, so I’m going to be kinder to my body and pick up the low sodium kind next time.

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