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Frankford Hall

We stopped by Frankford Hall to celebrate Indy Hall’s 4th birthday. The crowd wasn’t the Rittenhouse crowd that K and I had witnessed during our last quick visit. It was also a beautiful night, so being outside was beyond awesome. You order your food at the window and get a number. Then one of the servers will bring everything out to you. As far as beer goes, there are several bars to choose from with a variety of beers.
I asked M how her burger was and she loved it. And they have a large condiment table and she raved about the curry ketchup. I also asked for her pickle, since she didn’t eat it, and damn, this pickle was awesome! I’m not sure if they make these there or if they buy them, but they were super fresh and only lightly pickled and I loved it.
K’s hot bauernwurst was good, but not spicy at all. You get a choice of sauerkraut or cabbage when you order a sausage. He went with the cabbage because I suggested it. It’s good!
And here’s my giant pretzel! It’s big, it’s warm, it’s good. It really does go well with beer. We really had fun. I love the whole picnic tables everywhere and casual outdoor atmosphere. The beer and food treated us all well.

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Latest Sampan Happy Hour

I was getting a little bit of the afternoon doldrums so I made an executive decision to go to happy hour at Sampan. You know what actually truly triggered it? Twitter, yeah, seriously. Sampan actually tweeted that it was going to be happy hour soon and I totally fell for it. It’s cool though, because their happy hour is totally happiness-inducing. We sat at the kitchen bar because as you know, I love seeing my food being cooked.
The vietnamese spring roll with shrimp, pork, and mushrooms. Delightful.
The duck egg rolls with cucumber, scallion, and lime. These were chock full of hot ass duck. When I say hot, I mean hot, some fell on my chin and burned me. I didn’t mind, they were great.
The adorable kobe slider wtih soy and swiss cheese.
The kobe hot dog, sans mustard. I love that they cut it into thirds for you and that the bun is also toasted.
The filet satay with apricot soy, and mirin and the korean bbq beef satay with short rib, kimchi, and ginger. Excellent, as usual.

Surprisingly, my favorite dish of the day was the crispy brussel sprouts with fish sauce, pulled rice, and chilli. These were so unbelievably awesome! Slightly crunchy, super savory, just great. Whoever does not like brussel sprouts needs to try these!
Lastly, here’s the kim chee fried rice with shrimp, shallot, and sunny side egg. This was a giant bowl of food. It wasn’t quite spicy or kimchi enough for me, and the shrimp just seemed unnecessary, but it’s still a decent dish. These little popcorn shrimp are fairly tasteless and benign anyway, so I didn’t see the point of them. As usual, this was so much fun. It’s beyond a good deal and it’s cool to get to try so many different dishes. We ordered way too much food, which can be easy to do here with these small dishes. It sounds like since they’re so small it wouldn’t add up to much, but damn, we were beyond stuffed! I love the happy hour here!
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Hot Diggity!

What’s not to like about fancy hot dogs at a spot with an adorable name? That’s why I had to head over to Hot Diggity to give their gourmet dogs a try. They even have beer! And belgian style frites!
Located on south street, the illustrated menu (by local artist hawk krall) shows the ten different types of gourmet dogs, each topped with specialized toppings in a Licio’s hot dog bun. All dogs can be made as veggie. They also may have a seasonal dog here and there, the current one being a farmer’s market dog. The frites are served with 12 possible dipping sauces.
I got the saigon fusion, where the dog sits on house pickled cucumbers and is topped with shredded carrots, cilantro, chopped red onion, jalapeno, and a thai chili vinaigrette with sriracha. I loved everything about this damn hot dog! People have been raving about this one and I can see why. I’m especially in love with the damn sauce! The roll might be a little bit too much roll, as the dog itself is a bit on the scrawny side, as far as hot dogs go, but since there are plenty of fresh and crunchy toppings, it doesn’t overpower it too much. Everyone working there was super nice and friendly. And they get extra points for having Fanta on tap! I can’t wait to try some of their other dogs.
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