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More In LA – Pinkberry And K-Town

Have y’all heard of this Pinkberry? It’s all the rage in LA and NYC. They keep yammering about all the celebrities and how they’re all going to Pinkberry and the paparrazi snap pics of all them scarfing down this stuff, which they’ve dubbed crackberry. It’s spawned dozens of copycats, even though Pinkberry itself was a copy of South Korea’s Red Mango. And since I was in LA, I had to try this crack myself.
The place is decorated all mod and space age. Clean and white with ice cream related bowls and utencils for sale. All which no sane person would ever buy. The concept of Pinkberry is simple – frozen yogurt with toppings of your choice. There are only two kinds of yogurt – original and green tea. There are three sizes. You can get as many toppings as you like for 95 cents, but the best deal is for the medium, as you get three toppings for about $5. That tends to be what everybody gets.

So it is frozen yogurt, but definitely not in the TCBY sense. It’s literally frozen yogurt, as in yoplait, dannon, stonyfield farms. It’s not like ice cream at all. But unlike plain yogurt, it’s just made in a frozen yogurt/soft-serve ice cream machine so it has that soft serve ice cream texture, but even more incredibly smooth and rich. The toppings are either fresh fruit or sweets/cereals/nuts. I didn’t like the idea of putting crunch berries or oreos on my frozen yogurt, so I went with the fruit. Heck, I always go with fruit. The fruit here is great. It’s not frozen, it’s not canned, it’s not unripe. It’s the sweetest and most fresh fruit you can imagine. I think that’s one of the keys in why this place is so popular.
I went with kiwi, blackberries, and pomegranate, which is seasonal. And you know what? I really liked this. The yogurt itself is tart and tangy and it’s a wonderful contrast to the ripe and sweet fruit. And it’s just fresh and natural tasting. It’s not overly sweet like ice cream would be. But did I become addicted? No, but I did enjoy it. But I see it as being a fad until the next big thing comes around. They do have Pinkberry in NYC. S joked that I should open a Pinkberry in Philly. I’m not sure how that would go. It’s definitely seasonal, so competing with the existing ice cream, water ice, and gelato places around town could be hairy. But heck, if somebody else opens one up, then I’d happily patronize it every now and again during the summer time. But only if you can wrangle me away from Capogiro.

After my giant pinkberry, I wasn’t really hungry, but S was. So she took me to Koreatown, as she’d been raving about these korean style spicy chicken wings for months. Koreatown is fairly sizable, but in a rather sketchy area of LA. You don’t go Koreatown because it’s an attractive neighborhood, you go there for the food. We went to OB Bear, which is an extremely casual and low key spot. We were there on a Tuesday night, but the place was packed. Who knew?

We ordered the spicy chicken wings, of course. And dear lord, these were spicy! They were meaty and sweet, sticky, and freakin spicy. Man. I know these aren’t traditional hot wings, but these are spicy in a completely different way. Good, but hella spicy. I only ate two.

We also ordered ddukbokki. Yes, it seems like I eat this alot. It was good, but heavy on the squash, and not heavy enough on the ddukbokki. Come on people, I ordred ddukbokki, and not squashbok;i. The flavor was a bit different than the ddukbokki I get home, not better, just different. I was wishing it would be as good as street vendors in Seoul, but no, it was just ok. Gosh, I wish I could go to Korea and get the ddukbokki from the sketchy street cart that serves it to you in a plastic bag!

OB Bear
3002 W 7th St
Los Angeles, CA 90005
(213) 480-4910

Woodside Farm Creamery – it’s so dreamery!

So the best thing about going to my aun’t house, especially in the summer time, is that she lives around the corner from Woodside Farm Creamery. Located in Hockessin, it’s a family owned farm, over 210 years old, that makes its own ice creams. It’s a general farm, but it focuses on dairy farming. When you go there, you know it’s a farm, as it smells delightfully so, and you can see the cows. These very cows provide the milk for the ice cream. Fancy! In this creamery, it only takes a few weeks for the transformation of the grass into the ice cream that they serve. Their cows are milked twice daily and the milk is made into a special sweet cream mix that is the main ingredient of their ice cream. And how sweet and creamy it is!

They have tons of flavors and I’ve tried many. I’m pretty much a traditionalist, or a simpleton, depending on how you look at it. The crazy flavors like motor oil, dirt, and turtle are all good and all, but I prefer simple things like strawberry, peach, butter pecan. You can get cones or cups or sundaes, but you can also get pints or gallons to go.
So if you’re ever in the Hockessin area, and why would you be unless you had a relative nearby, you should visit Woodside. Actually, it’s not too far from downtown Kennett Square, so if you’re ever round those parts, then you should definitely stop by. It’s only a hop skip and a jump past some mushroom farms (just follow the smell!).

Stephen Colbert Shout Out

So I don’t actually watch the Stephen Colbert show. I probably should, but I just don’t. I’ve seen him once in awhile in bits and pieces on tv or movies. I loved him in Strangers with Candy. But I do have to say that I love the new “Americone Dream” flavor of Ben and Jerry’s that Stephen Colbert came up with. It’s vanilla ice cream with caramel swirls, with chocolate covered waffle cones. There’s not one bad thing about that. And let me tell you, it’s actually quite hard to find in stores! I went to at least a handful of local grocery stores before finally finding it at the Giant. And there was only one left. Yes folks, it is as good as it sounds. Get yours today!

We had lunch by the same caterers on Wednesday. I swear to you, I think they’ve become the unofficial caterer of my company. It was “home cooking” time, and they served us meatloaf, fried chicken, corn, baked potatoes, and a bit of salad. Ok, so it’s hard to screw up a baked potato, unless you undercook it. I wasn’t too crazy about the meatloaf, there was just something strange about it, but it was ok. I wouldn’t choose to eat it again. The fried chicken was alright too, I’m not much of a fried chicken eater so I don’t have much of a frame of reference. I was a big fan of the corn. But again, how can you screw up corn?

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