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Pollyanna Feast

I love any party that has shrimp cocktail, don’t you? I had the honor of attending another party by the ever gracious R, and this party had a theme. It was a holiday pollyanna, but the opposite of “healthy and clean”. I’ll let you all figure that out on your own. Shrimp cocktail. I could eat this all day. Grapes… and a lovely salad that A brought.
This bean dish was definitely the appetizer hit of the evening. A mix of pinto, black-eyeds, pimentos, white corn, onions, vinegar, sugar, etc… it was the perfect topping to the chips below. I could have eaten this whole thing. In fact, I probably did eat most of it. Sorry!

A variety of cheese and crackers, as usual, along with some other tapenade type stuff. Did I mention how many chips I ate?

This is where I always go wrong… I stuff my face with appetizers so that I’m already practically full when the main course comes around.  Here we have some roasted tomato and fennel soup (seriously, who makes this kind of stuff?) and a three meat lasagna. Both were excellent, as always with R’s gourmet cooking. He puts the rest of us to shame!

In keeping with the theme of this little party, E created a special dessert. Let’s just use our imaginations to figure out what this dessert is shaped like. It is banana wrapped in bacon (yes, this dessert had bacon in it!) with two scoops of ice cream. :-) And this whole thing was flambéed! Using cognac, we lit these puppies on fire to burn off the alcohol. The fire looks fake in this photo, but it is totally real! I saw it! I felt it! It was so fun! And even though the dessert sounds odd, it was delicious! Thanks for another great party!

Beans For Dessert!

So it’s summertime in Philadelphia, and while it hasn’t been excruciatingly hot lately, it’s been hella warm. And humid. Perfect for a cool treat. So while dropping by Assi with some friends the other week, I picked up a box of these popsicles. BBBig! Yeah, that’s right. And it’s a popsicle made from sweet red beans.

Crazy, right? Well, actually, not so much. In the lands where people who look like me come from, sweet red beans are quite often used in desserts. Sweets, pastries, candies, and ice creams! The idea of a red bean popsicle is not strange to me, but I grew up with it. But I can see how you may find it offensive. But you have to remember that this is sweet red bean, and not a plain bean. This is not refried beans on a stick. It’s sweet and delicious. Now there are actualy hunks of beans in there, so that part actually is a bit strange. But I guess it’s not really too much stranger than eating a fruitsicle where you bite into hunks of strawberries or mangos. But yeah, the whole hunks of beans is slightly offputting, but trust me, it’s good.

Bi-Rite And Dolores Park

In the Mission there are two famous ice cream spots – Bi-Rite Creamery and Humphrey Slocombe. Bi-Rite is within a hop skip and a jump so we finally got to go there on Sunday. Humphrey Slocombe is on the other end of the Mission, and quite the walk away. I’d been wanting to go all during my visit, but honestly, it was never really ever hot enough! I told you it’s cold and windy! I don’t get motivated to stand in the cold wind to get ice cream and then freeze my buns off eating cold ass ice cream. On Sunday, it was super sunny and a bit on the warmer side, so I insisted we go!
Bi-Rite, the grocery part, is across the street. The creamery hand makes all the ice cream using local and organic ingredients, in small batches. They have your regular flavors, as well as some wilder ones.You can also take pints to go! And they have other snacks and little food item bits.
Ah, check it… melting in all of the sunny glory. Banana and coffee toffee ice creams. The banana is amazing. Like totally amazing. And the coffee is good too. But the toffee on the coffee? Oh. My. Gawd. I want to eat this crumbled toffee out of a bowl with a spoon. Unbelievable.
And while it was the middle of the day, we enjoyed the sunshine one last time in Dolores park. Ice cream, the muscat wine we’d picked up from Madonna Winery the weekend before, and a loaf of acme bread we got from the bi-rite. It was a perfectly lovely way to spend an early sunday afternoon. I don’t know what the open container laws are in SF, but they’ve got to be loose! I mean I know this isn’t vegas… but everyone is boozing it up in Dolores Park, and not on the down low either. Whatever it is, I love it!
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