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Nonnie’s Nightmare

After the delicious meat coma, I really wanted a nice refreshingly cool treat. Say, like ice cream. Not a bad idea at all. So we drove down to Nonnie’s. This place is next to Bruno’s and run by the same people, and it’s a little ice cream shop. Seems harmless, eh? They have bassett’s ice cream and they also have gelato and sorbettos. Seems very normal. Then the girl behind the counter sneezed right into her hands. Then R ordered a milkshake. Did she wash her hands? No. R didn’t notice, but I did. This disturbed me so.

Then the piece de resistance. I was sampling a few of the sorbetto flavors with my little mini sample spoons. Just standing around and tasting. Then all of a sudden, the other girl walks into the joint. She then proceeds to spray Raid up to the ceiling, at this overhead flourescent light fixture where a bunch of little gnats had congregated. Indoors. Over her head. Which was over my head. Do you know what happens when you spray aerosol liquid into the air? Gravity takes over. Yes, it falls back down. Onto me. Onto my spoons. Onto anything below where she sprayed. I looked at her with horror. I looked at R with horror. I looked at the girl behind the counter with horror. The girl who sprayed just smiled at us, like she had done something good. Like she hadn’t just sprayed bug spray onto me. I could not believe it.

Then I did something even more stupid. I ordered sorbetto. I think I had just been so dumbfounded that all my sense of logic went out the window. I should have ran, but instead, I ordered some lemon and passion fruit sorbet. To go. At least the ice cream is all enclosed in glass. It’s a damn shame, my sorbetto was good! But I was pretty much horrified by the experience and I can never go back. In fact, I called the establishment the next day and told them what happened. The man I talked to agreed that it shouldn’t have happened. But of course, he wasn’t apologetic or anything. Maybe this is standard operating procedure for them. But it’s not acceptable to me. I’ve had some bad service in my life, but I’ve never had Raid sprayed on me before. Let’s f’in hope it never happens again! So heed my word, and just go somewhere else for your ice cream needs. Don’t go to Nonnie’s! Thank you.

Ciao Bella

Did y’all partake of the good weather on saturday? I did. It was my inaugural grill outing for 2009. After feasting on some tasty grilled chicken and asparagus, we sated some dessert cravings with this Ciao Bella blood orange sorbetto I’d picked up at the whole foods. Mmm… this is so good. Blood orange has a flavor that’s hard to describe. So I won’t try to. But I like it. J had never heard of a blood orange before, let alone tasted one, or tasted something blood orange flavored. But he liked this as well.

Causing A Raucous At Dairy Queen

After seeing how all that delicious canned food got made, we were starving. Cuz y’know, we hadn’t eaten all day. So we hopped across the street from the factory for some quick calorie intake at the Dairy Queen. This was an old ass fashioned Dairy Queen. Check out the signage. So old that it actually still says Dairy Queen, and not DQ.

I scarfed down a strawberry cheesequake blizzard. Delicious, but not as good as I’ve had before. There’s supposed to be cheesecake chunks in there, but I found none. I think maybe she just blizzarded them all into smithereens. It’s better when there’s still chunks. We got a lot of stares while we were there, as we had just increased the minority quotient of this town by…. oh 100%. But they were still nice to us. But yeah, we didn’t stay too long!

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