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Conrad Hotel Breakfast

I was staying at the Conrad Hotel and the buffet breakfast was included. It beats having to think about where and what I’m going to eat. Scones and pastries and spreads and such. Whence in europe, the obligatory Nutella.
I mostly stuffed my gourd with the fresh fruit, especially the kiwi. A big bowl of already peeled and cut up kiwi? It’s like a dream! Some cheeses and some funny little irish yogurts. I wasn’t too crazy about the yogurt. I tried one that came in a jar, and it just tasted a bit odd.
A bunch of breads, including irish soda bread. They also had hot items that are the normal bits and pieces of a traditional irish breakfast (bacon, eggs, tomato, baked beans, etc). And they had a really great variety of different juices (orange, mango, apple, tomato, etc). The coffee wasn’t hot though. And they had a lovely selection of teas.

Thai Noodles In Dublin

I was staying in a fairly central part of Dublin centre, but I decided to roam around a bit to explore my surroundings. I ended up walking into a fairly residential and cute part of town, Ranelagh Village. It had a little strip of shops and restaurants and in general, life! I had read about Diep Le Shaker and saw that it had sister restaurants Diep Noodle Bar and Diep At Home so I decided to stop into the noodle version after all that walking. It’s a thai place. They bill themselves as Thai and Vietnamese, but I’m sorry, there’s nothing Vietnamese about this place. It’s straight up thai.
I started with some spring rolls. These were nice and hot, but they were pretty boring. The dipping sauce was straight out of a bottle, and you didn’t quite get enough of it. And for how little the rolls were, even though you got so many, these are expensive. But that’s Dublin for ya, and that’s the Euro.
For my entree I got the bangkok noodles, which was basically thai basil chicken with rice noodles. There was nothing extraordinary about this dish, but it was perfectly fine. It was certainly on par with other ok thai food I’ve had in the past. I haven’t actually eaten that much thai food in my life, so I can’t call myself any kind of connoisseur, but this was just ok. All the ingredients were fresh though, which is really fine by me. Again, this was expensive, if you think about it in dollars. You certainly couldn’t charge $22 for something like this back home.
The service was good and the place itself is very nice. Attractively decorated, just the right amount of mood, and they play amazing music. Again, no problem with the credit card here as well.

Food Shopping In Dublin

What’s food shopping like in Dublin? I set to find out. There are little convenience type stores all over the place. Like this SPAR. I think they’re open pretty much all the time.
Or this Centra. These convenience stores all carry staple groceries, as well as lots of prepared foods.
But let’s explore this proper grocery store called Superquinn. If you look real hard, you can see the “Cheesemonger” sign!
The Irish love their sparkling waters.
In Ireland, Uncle Ben makes asian sauces. Does he do this in the US? No idea.
These strawberries look amazing. Strawberries in the US look gross compared to these adorable little beauties.
It is Ireland people… there are plenty of potatoes to be found.
Here’s some bread just sitting around. This would never happen in the US.
Some pies just sitting around too, without covers. Again, you would never see this at home.
Brown sauce! You know it’s the UK now!
These eggs are just sitting on a shelf. And not refrigerated. Again, you never see this in the states. Food prices aren’t too crazy here. But you have to remember it’s the Euro. It’s the restaurants that tend to be on the expensive side. And oh, you have to pay for bags.

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