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The first and last time I went to Wagamama was when I was in London. This was forever and a half ago. I have no idea what I got that last time, but coincidentally enough, this place looked exactly like the last one. It’s in the basement (do they only build restaurants in basements?) and has cafeteria type seating. I actually don’t mind seating like this. I think whatever I ate that time years ago, I was underwhelmed. But I was willing to try it again.
They sell asian-esque food here. The options aren’t that many. But it comes out pretty fast. I went with the spicy chicken ramen bowl. I also got one of their special fruit juices, which was freshly squeezed with various fruits, including apple, orange, and a few other delicious things I can’t remember. I had to keep stirring it so that the apple pulp wouldn’t just be floating at the top.To my shock (because I had extremely low expectations, and remembering my past Dublin meals to be so meh in the past, I was simply being realistic) my bowl of ramen was great. There wasn’t anything fancy or complicated in here, but the broth was fantastic. Super zesty and full of flavor with a hint of spice. The chicken was well cooked and good quality, and the fixins were fresh. It was simple, yet delicious. And I was thankful it was so. I happened to pick something good that I liked, but that doesn’t mean their other dishes are going to be as good. I’m pretty sure I got one of their noodle dishes last time, and it was probably pretty bland.The service is ok. Various people help you. One person takes your order and writes it down on your placemat. Another person might bring out your food. And then someone else may give you your check. But it’s a pretty efficient system.

* A note about credit card usage. In preparation, I found a bunch of articles related to the credit card technology in europe being different than in the US, and that many businesses in europe would no longer take US credit cards since they do not have chip and pin technology. I have not had any issues so far. Everywhere that takes cards, that I’ve tried, has been fine in giving me a receipt to sign. So as of now, I would say no worries. They’ll happily take your money.

La Croissanterie – French Fast Food

I literally roamed around for 6 hours waiting for my hotel… there’s only so much walking you can do in Dublin before you run out of things to do. But if you roam around enough, you get hungry. There’s a big indoor shopping area at the beginning of Grafton Street. There isn’t too much to eat here and it’s pretty touristy, but I was tired and just decided to eat at La Croissanterie. Turns out to be a french chain. They sell sandwiches (baguette types, paninis, etc) and some sweets. I got a special which comes with a sandwich, dessert, and drink. I forget what this sandwich was called, but it had country turkey (don’t know what makes it country, except it has an orange-ish ring around the edges) and cole slaw. The sandwich wasn’t terrible, but it was freezing cold (everything is kept in refrigerated display cases). If they had maybe heated it up or put it in a press or something, it would have been a thousand times better. The pastry was an apple puff and it was stupendous. So I’d have to say oui to the pastry and peut-etre to the sandwich.

Lemon Crepes

What an amazing first meal to have in Dublin. I was seriously lacking sleep having just flown overnight into a european morning. While roaming around the Grafton St area a bit, I happened upon Lemon Crepe & Coffee. I actually remembered the location of this place. I don’t necessarily remember the restaurant being this restaurant when I was last in Dublin (years ago now) but I definitely remember the corner it was on. And that whatever restaurant it may have been those many years ago, it was always busy and full of people. I was not only tired, but starving, so I gave this a go. I thought this place would be a safe bet. Good decision girl!

I got the house special lemon crepe. It’s served with organic syrup and a lemon wedge. And I also got a latte. Yes, I needed to stay awake! I honestly don’t think much was in this crepe, if anything, but it doesn’t really matter, because it’s perfect. I haven’t had that many crepes in my life, but this was the best one yet, and it had no fillings of any kind. It was the batter that made it so good. I could eat this all the time. Just plain. It needs no accessories!!! Not that the syrup and lemon weren’t good on it, but it’s not necessary. And it’s big too! The latte was also excellent. He asked me if I wanted it strong or not, and I said not. I’m still in the process of acclimating myself to caffeine again. But it must have been not too strong, because I did just fine. This place is teeny tiny, and there are only a few spots inside and a few spots outside. Cash only folks, so bring your Euros!

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