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Grazie Italian Feast

I was in Seattle for work so on one night, we went out for a big team dinner at Grazie Ristorante. My office is in the burbs so we stuck to the Burbs. This place is right next to a Taco Bell. It was funny because that was the night the news about the Taco Bell meat broke out. This is a big italian joint, and they have a few restaurants in the Seattle suburbs. Here’s the calamari fritti with lemon garlic aioli and basil pesto aioli. Good stuff!
This is the roasted prosciutto with fresh mozzarella, roasted peppers, and grilled polenta. This was good but it was a bit skimpy on the prosciutto. It was mostly everything else, as you can see.
Here’s C’s tortellini gorgonzola. Not only is it filled with gorgonzola, it is also in a gorgonzola sauce with basil pesto and pine nuts. He also added chicken breast.
Here’s E’s filetto gorgonzola – beef tenderloin medallions pan-seared and finished with a balsamic gorgonzola cream sauce, frizzled onions, and served with garlic mashed potatoes. These garlic mashed potatoes were excellent! I made sure to help myself to some.
Here’s my crab and shrimp cannelloni. It is shrimp, crab, mushrooms, and ricotta wrapped in pasta, draped with béchamel, marinara, and dungeness crab. It looks like absolute slop, but it tasted just fine. We had a big table, and our server handled us pretty well. We were a rowdy bunch! We didn’t have to wait forever for our food to come out and there was plenty of food and libations to go around!
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Xmas Eve Snacks

Long after dinner on christmas eve, a bunch of people came over to drink wine and eat party food. I made myself a cocktail instead and ate the crap out of everything, including some fruit.
And my mom’s famous fresh spring rolls. You can’t possibly not like these. Unless you are the grinch.
I was tasked with making the bruschetta. Luckily for me, the bread was already toasted and came from a bag, and the topping came from a jar, courtesy of costco. But you know what? They were freakin tasty. Who the hell cares that they weren’t homemade? I may have barely slaved over these but they were delicious.
Some pan-fried oysters, dredged in flour and egg. Ok, I wasn’t too crazy about this.
You remember the tex-mex pie, right? Yeah, it was great this night and also on the next day.
One of the party guests brought this amazing homemade lemon poppyseed bundt cake. Holy moly. This was some of the best cake I have ever had in my life. Seriously. Once I started eating it, I literally could not stop. It was like a disease. Now I have to get the recipe, and when I do, I will share it with you. And you will all witness power that is this cake!

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Golosa Chocolate Bar & Dessert Lounge

After being closed for the summer, Golosa finally opened again and I finally got to try it! Man, I don’t even have the words. First off, if you don’t know this place is here, you’re totally going to miss it. If you walk past it and blink, you will have missed it. It’s pocket-sized, yet adorable. And it’s got a very european feel to it, but yet comfortable. And it’s owned and run by a genuine italian named Fabio. I don’t know folks, it doesn’t get better than that!
There are a number of dessert options in the case, like cakes, tarts, pastries, etc. There’s also a case with a bunch of chocolates. Lots and lots of chocolates.
The menu also includes a number of coffee, tea, cold chocolate, and hot chocolate drinks. There’s certainly something here for everyone. If it hadn’t been so late at night I would have tried one of the coffee drinks, or at least one of the chocolate drinks. But I had to pass. E got one of the flowering teas. It’s all so adorable and pretty! The presentation is so super cute.
E got the basil gelato. Yep, you heard that right, basil. And it’s capogiro as well. And man, it was love! It definitely tastes like basil, but it’s sweet and creamy and dreamy with a hint of balsamic. It’s just unexpectedly delicious. We were just so happy that she ended up picking it.
I’m much more of a sorbetto person instead of a gelato person, so I got the watermelon gelato. It might have said sorbetto on the menu, but I believe it was gelato because it definitely had a creamy taste to it. It was great and watermelon-y! It had a nice strong watermelon flavor with a hint of cream.

But really, we were both here for the red velvet cake. E told me about how amazing it was and I had to have it! And man, is she ever spot-on with this. This is, bar none, the best red velvet cake that I’ve ever had. It is not a spongey or light cake. It is extremely dense, and we decided that it almost has the consistency of brownies. The texture is much more like a brownie rather than a cake. And damn, it’s got heft! The cream cheese icing is yummy as well, and there’s not too much of it. Gosh, I can’t stop thinking about this cake. While we were there, someone even came in and got a slice to go. This is really the dessert of choice here!

This place has such a good vibe to it. It’s warm and welcoming and there are even couches. You can host groups and special events here as well. It isn’t as centrally located as most people would like it to be, but it’s definitely worth trekking to. It is BYOB, cash only, and has free wi-fi. Go to Golosa!
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