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Dragonfish Happy Hour

After driving through Mount Rainier, a much better park than Olympic, I made my way south to Portland, Oregon. Once I got there, I went to a happy hour at Dragonfish Asian Cafe. Located downtown, it’s a pan asian joint. They have a sushi happy hour every day, twice a day.
Salmon katsu. What’s that? Salmon with panko breadcrums, deep fried, or maybe pan fried.
Hoisin BBQ ribs.
Caramel ginger chicken. Good, but there was hot ass mustard on the bottom of the plate. It damn near burned my nose off. And also big chunks of ginger. Man, they need to warn you about that stuff. But otherwise, a nice dish.
I also had an extremely strong drink that came in a coconut cup. So so strong I tell you. And also a spicy tuna roll and a california roll. This california roll was unlike any california roll I’ve ever had in my life. Conclusion? Sushi is different in the pacific northwest. The sushi here wasn’t that special. But the drinks make up for it. And it’s pretty cheap during the happy hour.
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Terrible National Park Eats

I spent the day driving around on the Olympic peninsula, home of Olympic National Park. Ok, so I didn’t have the best day… for so many different reasons. Olympic is nice, but man, I’ve never been to a national park that was not enclosed before. It was just not visitor friendly and you have to drive in and out, and not to mention lack of signage. Within the park, there’s essentially nothing to eat. So be forewarned, eat before you start driving all up in it, or bring food with you. This Hard Rain Cafe place, right on the outskirts of one of the entrances of the park, did have some hot food. So I ordered a burger. It was gross. But since I was absolutely starving, I ate this “meat” patty anyway. Seriously folks, it had tons of potential. The roll was big and great. But what passed as meat wasn’t really meat. It was a thin imitation of real food. Do you remember food from school days? The “grade D but edible” stuff they would feed you in the school cafeteria? Well, this meat was worse than that. Something that you’ll see a lot of in the Seattle area, or maybe just in the pacific northwest, is teriyaki joints. So once I got off the peninsula and headed back to Tacoma, I grabbed some food in the city of Olympia. Let me tell you something about Washington state outside of the big city. There isn’t much to eat. If fast food isn’t your thing, the pickins are slim. That’s why I ended up at Paul’s Burger Teriyaki. I drove around for a good 20 minutes looking for any other options, but found zilcho. So I guess this place sells teriyaki, along with burgers. I wanted tons of food, so I went with the shrimp and chicken combo. The teriyaki sauce was way too sweet. It was basically precooked meat, and then they threw uber sweet sauce on top. The shrimp was weird too. Cold. But the chicken wasn’t bad, even if the sauce was way too sweet. Rice good, salad good, the adorable little korean people who ran the place good. I was pretty much as starving as I was earlier in the day, so I inhaled it.

Paul’s Burger & Teriyaki
3959 Martin Way East
Olympia, WA

Sushi Go Round

So after getting some beers at Oktoberfest and roaming around at the Fremont Sunday Market, we needed some sustenance, and ended up at Blue C Sushi on the main strip. It’s a conveyor belt sushi place. And actually, the last time I ate at one of these was Brazil. And the place we used to go in Brazil was some of the best sushi I’d ever had in my life. But I didn’t have such high hopes for this joint.
One of the things I got was a lobster roll. I think it’s imitation lobster, breaded and deep fried, and then rolled up with some standard sushi fare. It was ok. I also had a fried tofu roll which was also ok. The tofu was a little too hard and chewy.
In general, all the food was mediocre, at best. I also ordered yakisoba, and they just kept not giving it to me. It doesn’t come on the conveyor, so it was a special order. The waitress kept coming by and saying did you get it yet, and I kept saying no. And I kept not getting it. And then eventually, it did end up on the conveyor, miraculously, but once I tried it, it was bad. It was cold, which was ironic, since it was on the conveyor specially placed on one of the hot stands. So terrible. So greasy. Such a waste of my time.
But luckily for this restauranat, the entire meal was salvaged by the V8 roll. Both A and I thought that everything was pretty blah, except for this amazing roll. What’s in this? Deep fried green beans, cucumber, and something that’s like a carrot, but not exactly a carrot (I forget exactly). Topped with avocado and pico de gallo, and served with a spicy sauce. Seriously folks, I should have just ordered 3 of these. And if I had to go back to this place, that’s exactly what I’d do. One of the best rolls I’ve ever had in my life.
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