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Giant Japanese Market

Seattle has an international section of town. Naturally, there’s a big gate, a typical chinatown gate. They have this awesome japanese market there called Uwajimaya. It’s actually a proper supermarket sized place, with little boutique type joints inside, including a large japanese bookstore, and a mini food court. I was totally in love. Yeah, that’s wine in there. Like every other normal state in the country, you can get booze in supermarkets.
I don’t know what this blue/purple bread is, but I was fascinated by its oh-so-natural looking color. Should have bought it, damn.
They have pretty much everything you could want, including tons of take out stuff. The produce section smells wonderful, the fish and meat look fresh, and there’s tons of checkout lines. If I lived in Seattle, I’d be here all the time.

Adventures In Overeager Waitressing, Yakitori Style

J wanted yakisoba. And I could not fail. I don’t mind failing. Not ever. I’ve done it plenty of times in my life. But when it comes to food, how could I fail? It was not going to happen. I searched and searched and searched, but really only came up with one option – Yakitori Boy. So off we went.

So don’t get the wrong idea, Yakitori Boy does not have yakisoba on their menu. But that wasn’t going to stop me. It was friday night, a bit on the later side, we had no problem getting a table. Our server? Oh boy, was she a character. And by character I mean yakker. She just talked and talked and talked and talked. Whew! So much that we just found her to be comical, even though she was beyond earnest and just trying really hard to earn her pay. Gosh, I wish I could remember her name.

Anyhoo, I got the tempura soba. I think I had the tempura udon last time. I remembered it was good, so I thought I’d get the soba variety this time. This time around, the shrimp tempura actually came with my soup. Last time, it game separately, probably due to poor planning. This was just fine. I find these japanese noodle soups to be so simple, yet tasty and hearty. And I love soba noodles just as much as I love the thicker udon noodles. And just like last time (sorry I’m so boring folks), I got the tako yaki. Do you remember these? They’re balls of dough with octopus on the inside, topped with some sauces and bonito shavings. These were good, as usual. But I think they may have been a little undercooked. Maybe not, but I wished that the dough was a bit more cooked on the inside. Still good though. So I told you that yakisoba was not on the menu, but we asked our eager beaver waitress if we could order that. She asked the kitchen and they said yes. So J ordered beef yakisoba. Then she came back and said chicken or pork. So he went with the chicken. So when it came out, it tasted like yakisoba, but it looked like one hot mess. The noodles weren’t really noodles, but broken noodle bits. There wasn’t a noodle longer than half an inch. Presentation wise, it was quite tragic. I guess that’s what we get for forcing someone to make something they don’t normally make. But it tasted fine. I ate a bunch of the cabbage, because I love me some cabbage.
As for what else J ordered, well, it was this little fish. This little whole fish. He had wanted the sea bass, but they had just ran out. Boo. So one of the specials of the night was this whole aji, which is some kind of mackerel. It was small, it was bony, and it was fishy. It was very much from the sea, and smelled and tasted like it. My mom would have loved this. J? Not so much. But A for effort in trying to get as much meat off of this little sucker as humanly possible.
This light fixture? I just liked it. I like how this place looks – very clean lines, simple, lots of dark wood. It was a really fun night. The food was good, if not amusing, and the service was also good, despite our waitress – little miss talkerson / little miss overattentive.
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Chestnut Hill Japanese

Stopped by Osaka in Chestnut Hill for a little lunch the other day. It’s a cute little place on the main drag. There’s the sushi bar in the front, and then multiple floors of dining. We sat at the bar as R had never sat at a sushi bar before. She got some salmon and king crab sashimi, along with some miso soup and some sprite in a fancy glass. She liked this just fine, but it sure wasn’t cheap.
I went with the agedashi tofu bento box. It came with agedashi tofu (duh), some california roll, a couple of dumplings, salad, and rice. Everything was pretty good, but nothing spectacular. My bento box was pretty cheap though, but it also didn’t have any fish in it, which is probably why it was so affordable. But all in all, quite the bargain for my lunch.
Service was fine. It wasn’t busy at all (it was raining something fierce) so it better have been fine! The only thing annoying was that one of the waitresses was gabbing to one of the sushi chefs the whole time we were eating. It’s fine if they want to talk (it’s not like they had anyone to wait on), but I really didn’t need to hear their intimate conversations. They even spoke in korean a bit, and I couldn’t help understanding.
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