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Sagami Reopens

Sagami closed for a short time this summer, to go on vacation and to raise their prices. It’s ok though, because they probably needed to do that, their prices were probably too low. Even with the newer slightly higher prices, eating at Sagami still beats most other sushi spots, in quality and price. They still have amazing sushi and other japanese foods that are beyond worth the drive over to New Jersey. They still make the best agadashi tofu. Ever. EVER. I could eat this every day. I often wish I could. My uncle also got the sunomono, and the one at Sagami is particularly fancy, but the picture is not working. For the love of food, it just won’t upload! 
My mom and her sushi regular. She’s so regular with her sushi regulars. Everything is so beyond fresh! And we know this for sure, because we went the first night it reopened.
We’d been planning this family outing for weeks, and until we went, my aunt and uncle kept going on and on about the chirashi. Chirashi this, chirashi that. I had no idea wht chirashi even was. Well, they finally go their chirashi, and it’s so much food, neither of them could finish their’s.  It’s a giant pile of thick slices of sashimi, heaped on top of a giant pile of sushi rice. Whoa nelly. 
I got the kitsune udon because I’m the weirdo that didn’t order sushi. And I’m fine with that. Give me the agadashi tofu and udon and I’m a happy camper. I don’t make the trip over to Collingswood, nearly enough. But I really should, I really really should. It’s that good. They still have low ceilings, you can still get lost trying to find it, and it’s still a byob. All things that make Sagami special.

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Nom Nom Ramen

Finally, a ramen place in Philadelphia that we mostly seem to agree on. Nom Nom Ramen popped up quietly in center city. It was soft open for awhile, and now is open for lunch and dinner. And diners, rejoice in their ramen goodness. The menu is starkly simple – RAMEN. Plus pork buns. And that’s it. The pork buns are delicious. They surely give momofuku a run for their money, plus you don’t have to take a trip to NYC. 
Moving onto the ramen!  Here’s the original Shio, which is the salt broth. It’s seasoned with salt and white soy sauce, but is all based on the tonkotsu broth. What’s tonkotsu broth? Pork, baby, pork. Pork bones, to be exact. And that’s just what this broth is – porky. There’s really no other way to describe it. It tastes, looks, and feels porky. It leaves that slickery pork residue in your mouth. It’s thick, fatty, and porky. This comes with chashu, kikurage mushrooms, naruto, bamboo, scallions, and pickled ginger. I’d never had a salt broth ramen before, so I was a bit wary. But it’s delicious. 
I always love me the spice, so I got the Spicy. It’s the same tonkotsu based broth, but spicy, with chashu, bamboo, kikurage mushroom, naruto, scallions, and Nom Nom Black Garlic Sauce drizzled on top. This is a delicious bowl of food. Spicy, but not too spicy, and of course, porky as heck. There’s a nice helping of firm noodles. There’s much more noodles than the other ramen joint, which I felt was serving out a paltry serving of actual noodles. It made me happy that Nom Nom doles out a fair portion. I am a fan of this place and their food. It’s very casual, where you order at the counter and then you pick it up. It’s no muss, no fuss, with delicious porky treats. 
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Makiman Sushi

Sushi spots abound in philadelphia. Sometimes, you can’t walk a block without running into one. Where were all these when I was growing up? I’ve gone to Makiman Sushi a couple of times recently, and I’m a fan. It’s a nice sized place with a small sushi bar. It’s very casual and a BYOB. The house salad with ginger sauce. I’m very judgy when it comes to these, because I’m a big fan of ginger dressing. Their’s was quite respectable. And props for a mix of greens and not just iceberg lettuce, not that I don’t love iceberg lettuce. They also had cucumber in there!
Miso soup… just fine.
The best dish at this place are the tuna nachos. It’s not like a pile of chips with tuna thrown on top. They’re two fried wontons (I think) topped with some veggies, raw tuna, and a spicy sauce. And they are glorious! I was hesitant about these but M convinced me to get them. I’m so glad he did! It’s more like an openface asiany tuna taco. The sauce is delicious, but at times, can be a bit too spicy. On our second visit, the sauce was sooooo spicy that M could barely eat it. But really folks, you’ve got to try these!
Here’s the sushi regular… M always gets the sushi regular, just like my mom. How many other people out there are sushi regulars?
For whatever reason, I decided to try a couple of random rolls that day. These were quite nice! While their sushi is just fine, let me just reiterate my love for the tuna nachos. I will keep coming back here because those things are so darn yummy!
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