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Yakitori Boy Feast

It’s always fun to go to Yakitori Boy because you get to try so much different stuff. Go with new people each time, and it’s like a whole new restaurant. But don’t get me wrong, I usually end up ordering all the same stuff. Like the tatsuta age at the top. This deep fried chicken dish is one of my favorite japanese dishes of all time. H/A introduced me to it awhile back, and since I’ve only had it at Yakitori Boy, it remains my favorite. Whenever it comes out, it’s always super super hot, so you have to be careful not to burn your mouth. But damn, it’s so juicy and delicious. Below that is some kind of yakitori sampler. I don’t think you get to pick, so you just get whatever they bring out. We ended up with some pork belly, shrimp, liver, and balls. It was all good, except for liver. I do not care for liver. I wish it had been gizzards.
We got a bunch of rolls too. The ones at the bottom are some kind of tuna and avocado roll, the rainbow roll, and the green river roll. The massive crazy looking one at the top was a special of the day, and our server was cuckoo crazy over it. He insisted that we try it. It was good, but it was just way too much. It had fish and was deep fried and had crunch on top and was literally served with four different sauces at the same time. It should be called the schizophrenic roll.
The hokkak don. It’s so beautiful! The uni? ┬áIck. Nobody wanted it.
The pork ramen. Not bad! It’s still the only ramen I’ve had in Philadelphia, so far. And so far, it’s not bad. I’d order it.
My tempura soba. It’s still good! We ended up ordering way too much food and it was a shame that some of it did not end up getting eaten. But H/A did a fairly good job of doing his garbage man duties and eating most of everything. It’s always a fun time here.
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Sampan Happy Hour

I had just gone to Sampan for a regular meal, but after finding out about their happy hour, I decided to go check that out as well. There are a number of small plates for $2 and drink specials too. What’s to lose with $2 appetizers?
One of the cocktail specials… fruity… tasty… We got some seats at the kitchen bar, so you could watch all the action.
Up top we have the scallop with haricot vert, mustard, and almond. Delicious, and well cooked. Bottom is the chicken and shrimp spring roll. They serve it with mustard, but I really wish they just gave me duck sauce. I’m terrible that way. The roll it self was really good though.
The chicken dumplings with soy, sesame, scallions, and radish. Meh.
The chicken satay. This was bland. It was beyond bland. The peanut sauce was fine, but the chicken tasted like nothing. And the chicken had crunchy bits in it. I did not enjoy that. What was it, knuckle or something? Please skip this.
The korean bbq rib, which I got before, and liked before. I still like it! It’s still great!
The lamb chop! I’m not even into lamb, but this was my favorite dish of the night. For real! It’s got a little panko breadcrumb action going on with ginger and yakitori sauce.
The kobe beef hot dog! So yeah, I paid $2 for a hot dog. But the hot dog was made with kobe beef! But it still tasted just like a regular beef hot dog. It was a good dog though, don’t get me wrong. They serve it with mustard but I wish they would have just given me some ketchup. I know ketchup on a hot dog is for weenies, but that’s what I prefer! They broil these little dogs so the outside of them bursts when you bite into em and the rolls also have a bit of crunch. I would get this again! As far as happy hour deals go, this is a pretty darn good one! Get it while it lasts!
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Japanese At Masa

After eating mom’s cooking for dinner all week, we ventured out for a friday night dinner at Sushi Bistro Masa. It’s one of my bro’s favorite japanese joints in the Columbus area. The chef/owner has been in the japanese restaurant business for awhile, starting out in Manhattan Beach, CA. He came out to Columbus awhile back and opened a spot. When he moved to the latest location in Dublin, he sold the old name and opened up Masa, a bistro. Seeing as how it’s a “bistro”, it definitely does not have a japanese restaurant feel, other than the sushi bar. But I wouldn’t call it swanky, as it has colorful picture menus underneath the glass on top of the tables. The last time I was in Dublin, OH, for work, my brother recommended us to go eat here. But they weren’t open yet for dinner, so we had to end up eating at the Tim Hortons in the same shopping center. I love me some Tim Hortons, but omigosh, Masa is so much better!

My bro’s Noodle Special with shoyu ramen and sushi. You can pick the kind of noodle soup you want and you also pick an additional item. What a deal!

My ma’s Dinner Box with sushi with veggie tempura. It also comes with with side salad, a couple of other little sides, miso soup, and steamed rice. You can pick two items or three items for your dinner box. My mom only picked two, but damn, it was still a ton of food.

My katsu curry udon noodles! I love tonkatsu, I love udon noodles, and I love japanese curry, so here we have them all combined into one. The curry sauce ends up being the soup for the udon noodles, and the katsu on top goes great with the curry. And it’s tons of food! We’re talking about a whole entire pork cutlet on top of a big bowl of curry gravy and thick udon noodles. As usual, I stuffed my face. Great food, nice atmosphere, what more can you ask for? And at this japanese restaurant, it’s actually japanese people making the food. You can’t go wrong with that.
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