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Pre-Party Lunch – More Food Court

We had to go to H-Mart in Elkins Park to pick up the rice cakes and to Ko Ba Woo to pick up the food from the caterers. So while at H Mart we had lunch at the More Food Court. My brother’s mulnaengmyun. Pretty darn good! It’s fairly zesty and vinegary already, without needing to add any extra.
Here’s my mom’s bibimnaengmyun. It’s the same noodles as the mul one above, but without the mul (water). It was pretty darn spicy and firey.
My SIL’s shrimp and veggie tempura. It was ok. The veggie selection was heavy on the carrot and missing sweet potatoes or yams. She even fed some to baby E and he ate it up! It was E’s first tempura.
I was feeling noodley so I got the jjajangmyun. It wasn’t the best ever, but it was quite respectable. What really made it stand out was the generous helping of noodles it had. It was seriously heavy on the noodles, and that’s why perhaps, I felt like there should have been more of the stuff on top. Why can’t they get the ratio right? This food court has a bit of everything… I could eat lunch here pretty much every day!

Koreana – Through The Parking Lot Please

After checking out some live music, while walking to the car, I saw a small sign in korean. Then I realized that this was the restaurant a friend had told me about years ago. The one that’s in a parking lot. The one behind other restaurants. So this is where it is! It’s Koreana, and it’s pretty much a fast-food korean joint.
You order at the register and get a number. Then they bring the food to you. You get your own water or drink and your own utencils. It’s somewhat cafeteria style. One of the most popular dishes here seems to be the dolsot bibimbap. I forced K to get it since he’s never eaten korean food before. And because he can’t do spicy, he didn’t even put the kochujang in it. But he still liked it. They give you a big thing of kochujang and I actually took it home with me. It was awesome. And I used it to make my own ghetto bibimbap at home for three meals.
It wasn’t a particularly warm day so I got the jjamppong. The flavor of the soup and the fixins were all fine, but the bowl did not have nearly enough noodles in it. Seriously, it was like mostly stuff and very little noodles. It should be the other way around. So that was disappointing. Add more noodles and I would have been beyond happy. It’s a nice and affordable option for those in University City.

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Korean Church Food

My mom’s church was trying to raise some money so they sold a bunch of hot food and prepared food. Here’s a crapton of kimchi. Each of these giant bags was only $10 and my mom made me buy some. And then, she took it from me so she could keep some more and give some to her friends. So basically, she made me go to her church and buy her kimchi. But it was some damn good kimchi. Seriously.
They were also selling some greens. Did these come from their garden? I’m not sure. I think this is lettuce. I can’t be sure though.
Some fish cakes for sale… which she also made me buy. So now it’s sitting in my freezer. Some day, when it’s cold out again, I’ll make some ddukbokki with it.
They were also selling big bottles of kochujang and what are these… some kind of mochi?
Ok, let’s move onto the hot prepared foods. Here’s the haemulpajeon (seafood pancake). Very good!
Here’s some kimbap. You know why this was so good? Because there was no damn cooked spinach in it. That always ruins it for me. So this was definitely a winner in my book!
And here’s a big container of ddukbokki. It was pretty good, but not great. But you know what I do when someone puts a plate of ddukbokki in front of my face? I eat the hell out of it. I don’t care how good or bad it is, I’ll still eat it. In addition to the food, they also had some traditional korean cultural performances. It was pretty entertaining. If it involves food and music, then this is the only kind of churchgoing I enjoy.

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