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Philly’s Buffet – All You Can Stuff Korean BBQ

I somehow ended up at an all you can eat korean bbq spot one night. I wasn’t really prepared for this, but I went along for the ride. It’s in Upper Darby, and the last time I was at this location, it was just a regular korean restaurant. But now, it’s for the gluttons.
It’s straight up buffet style and you can load up on whatever you want. There’s a bunch of different korean banchan dishes, and most of them are only ok. They had my favorite spicy marinated raw blue crab, but it really wasn’t that great. The best banchan they have, by far, is the radish kimchi. It’s really good here! There’s also a few soups. There’s also random chinese and japanese style dishes like teriyaki sicks and lo mein. There are some fruits for dessert and one of the randomest things I found and thoroughly enjoyed – fried plantains. But really, you come here to eat some darn meat.
So you grab whatever meat you want, but don’t make the mistake that some of my tablemates did. They just grabbed giant piles of random meats before really determining what they liked. And remember, you can only cook so much of it at a time, so otherwise, it’s just going to sit at your table. So of course, we got some of the traditional korean bbq short ribs. And don’t worry about doing the cooking because the servers will actually do the cooking for you. They flip the meat, make sure it’s cooked, and cut it into bite-sized pieces for you. So there’s actually very little for you to do.
The rib meat is seasoned ok and tastes ok, but it’s a bit on the thin side. But it does help cook a whole lot faster.
Here’s some of the 6265 lbs of pork belly that we had to cook up. Ultimately, I kept feeding it to H/A and somehow, he was able to eat most of it. It was quite amazing to witness, and also truly disturbing. The pork belly is good, but one should really only eat so much. There was just way too much of it to be healthy.
They also have shrimp!
And also some chicken and plain meat. I think there’s also spicy marinated pork, but I didn’t get to try any of that. The chicken looks a bit odd when raw, and even odder when cooked, but it’s pretty tasty and tender and flavorful. It’s a good place to go if you want to try all different kinds of meat and be a total glutton. If you eat enough meat, it can be a pretty good value too.
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H Mart Dinners

When I don’t want to cook or have my mom cook, I love heading over to H Mart for something good and quick and hearty. Here are some selections. This is a random spicy pork stir-fry dish from monsieur tong tong. I mean, it was ok, but I wasn’t sure what type of cuisine this was supposed to be. It was pretty spicy.
here the tonkatsu from Monsieur Tong Tong. By far, this is their best dish, and probably some of my most favorite tonkatsu of all time. The piece of pork is absolutely huge and I really like their sauce. I could seriously eat this all the time.
My mom’s hwedupbap type of dish… with all kinds of shredded fresh veggies, imitation crab, fish eggs, and raw fish slices. Isn’t it colorful and beautiful? It tasted great too, except there were some bits of green stuff I did not like. I wasn’t quite sure what it was… it wasn’t exactly sesame leaves, but it wasn’t either. Whatever it was, I did not like!
A heaping bowl of chajangmyun, served with julienned cucumbers on top. For whatever reason, they always serve chajangmyun with cucumbers. I’d recommend all of these to try, except for the pork stir-fry. It’s ok, just not particularly interesting or great.

Improvised Korean Pancakes – See I Told You How Much She Does Not Care

So typically, my mom makes korean pancakes, pajeon, with chives. This time, she didn’t have any, so she made it with zucchini instead. I think there’s some scallions and onions in there too. This one might have some chopped baby shrimp in here too.
So she took a couple of zucchini and diced it into thin short strips. She added some chopped scallion and a handful of very finely sliced onions. Then put in some packaged korean pancake mis and add the recommended amount of water, per the package’s instructions.Yep, that’s it. But really, you can put whatever you want in your pancake. Add your favorite diced vegetables, add seafood, add kimchi, add meat, add oysters, add whatever! You should experiment, you might ending up coming up with a deliciously odd korean style pancake.
Then just pan fry them with a bit of oil. You could make a big one and then cut it into bite sized pieces, or you can just make many little bite sized pancakes. I prefer my pajeon to be thinner and crisp on the outside. Others like them thicker and mushier on the inside. Just cook them the way you like them!

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