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Wedge + Fig

Wedge + Fig is an adorable cheese shop and casual cafe in old city. I stopped by recently for brunch in their courtyard, truly an oasis. You would think it would be hot out there, but it’s fairly shady and covered, so it was quite lovely. You also get to look into the kitchen to see what everyone’s up to.
I decided to get an orangina just for kicks. I’d forgotten how refreshing this little funny bottle can be.
We both ended up getting a 1/2 sandwich and soup combo. They ended up putting the switching the sandwiches, so this was not my sandwich, but it was my soup. This sandwich is the Svenson, with lemon-dill creme fraiche, nova lox, and sprouts on pumpernickle bread. My soup was one of the specials of the day, which was a creamy lemon and corn soup. It was lemony, it was corny, it was cool and refreshing.
This is my sandwich, the Blue Figs, with fourme d’ambert cheese, fig preserves, and prosciutto on pretzel bread. Ooh, this thing was good, especially the pretzel bread! It’s pressed too, so really easy to eat. i wish I’d had a whole sandwich. The soup that E got was another special of the day, and it was a summer fruit gazpacho, with mango, berries, and other delicious fruits. It tasted like a smoothie! But in a bowl! E also got a side of bacon. Look how lovely and thick that bacon is. Yum.
Here’s what you see when you look up from the adorable courtyard. We both really loved this place, and plan on going back again and again. The inside is adorable too, with some small tables for dining and random food items, along with of course, cheese! There weren’t too many people here, which made us worry, because we don’t want this place to ever go away! Service was friendly, food was great, the courtyard is cool and inviting. I want to try everything on their menu!

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Cafe La Maude

After many thwarted attempts, I finally got a chance to brunch at Cafe La Maude in Northern Liberties. It’s down a few steps from the ever popular Honey’s, but it’s a completely different experience. It’s cute on the outside, and it’s probably even cuter when it’s warm and the front windows are open and there are tables outside.  But omg, the inside is just so sickeningly cute and awesome. I mean, seriously. It’s so amazing and well-done and beautifully designed it makes me want to cry. If I could dream of a kitchen and dining room, it would look like Cafe La Maude. I would also be filthy rich in order to be able to afford it.
It’s totally european chic and cool on the inside. Grey subway tiles! I love it! It’s a cafe so the menu is fairly small, consisting of some breakfast items, sandwiches, and salads. There’s also pastries and coffees. The fare is french-lebanese, so you’ll see a nice mix of middle-eastern and french favorites. Really though, can I just say again how attractive this place is?
Here is the Saumon Fume. It is an open-faced sandwich with smoked salmon, cream cheese, tomatoes, red onions, green olives, and an overflow of arugula. This sandwich was enjoyed quite a bit, until J bit into an olive pit and almost broke a tooth. That kind of put a downer on it. Also, he asked for an egg to be added on but there was no such egg! Oops. But otherwise, a good sandwich.

I got the Halloumi Press. It was a grilled halloumi cheese sandwich on baguette with roasted tomatoes, green olives, mesclun greens and an arugula basil aioli. I fell in love with halloumi cheese ever since having it at Kanella so I really enjoyed this sandwich. This halloumi was actually quite salty though, so don’t expect anything bland. We also tried an oj/lemonade mix drink that had a slightly odd taste to it. Not odd bad, just odd. I felt like it was flowery, like a honeysuckle taste? In any case, we liked it! The service was ok. We had to wait quite awhile for the food, and people that were seated after us got their food before us, which wasn’t that cool. But the atmosphere is too great to let that bother you. It’s definitely a place to just hang out and linger with friends. I’ll wait for my sandwich if I can just soak in how lovely this place is. If only I could go home and my home was this lovely!

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Sabrina’s With Twitter Friends

I don’t go out to eat lunch much during the week, but on special occasions, it happens. And on this particular friday, it was very special. I met up with two twitter friends. I’d never met them before in my life, but through our shared love of food, despite us living on separate coasts, we met up in South Philly to eat! B got the burger of the week – the octagon burger. It was a hefty grilled angus burger on brioche with mixed greens and tomato, topped with turkey bacon, sliced beets, cheddar, caramelized maple-honey onions, and roasted mushroom-chipotle aioli. As you can see, this was an extremely serious burger. And he got his with polenta frieds. To me, anything with beets on it is good in my book. I’m sure this thing was amazing. What’s probably more amazing is how anyone eats this thing in the first place. This requires a flip-top head.
S’s eggs benedict just plain looks ordinary compared to that crazy burger.
And the eggs benedict also looked sadly boring next to my special sandwich – the shanghai nooner. This was truly an awesome sandwich, one for the ages. It was rosemary-asiago focaccia topped with arugula-pesto aioli, mixed greens, tomato, roasted orange-garlic herb turkey breast, roasted butternut squash hash, red onions, roasted red peppers, melted swiss cheese, and topped with fennel-carrot pear slaw. I tried my best to eat half of it while I was there and I enjoyed every bite. And the sweet potato fries were amazing, especially with a slight bit of powdered sugar on top. It was still good the next day. Whoever thought this sandwich combo up deserves a big hug from me. During a busy lunch rush, we didn’t have to wait for a table and the food came out in decent time. This was definitely a lunch to remember for a long time. Sabrina’s, you never disappoint!

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