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Boxed Lunch Work Fun

I was in Seattle for work, so they provided us boxed lunches during our training. The first day was from Gretchen’s Shoebox. It’s a cute name. It’s a jam packed box. This was a turkey sandwich with swiss. There wasn’t enough turkey and the sourdough bread was a bit on the tough side. It was hard to eat and rather boring. Also included were some Tim’s chips, a fruit salad, bottled water, and a cookie. I preferred everything aside from the sandwich.
The next morning, S brought in some donuts from Top Pot. It’s a local Seattle chain.
My goodness. I did not even try any of these because they look too darn hardcore for me. I actually prefer very simple donuts, like just plain cake or plain cinnamon. But everything in this box had a thick shellac of glaze or frosting or chocolate or cream and it just scared me. It probably would have given me a heart attack. So I skipped it, but it does look intense!
This day’s lunch was from the Firestation Deli. This boxed lunch was so much better! This sandwich was the california turkey: served on soft sourdough with turkey, home made ranch dressing, bacon, avocado, shredded lettuce, and tomato. I absolutely loved this sandwich. I devoured it! It also came with Tim’s chips, a cookie, bottled water, and apple slices, along with a germ x soft wipe, which I thought was a most excellent touch.

Lunch At Sang Kee Wynnewood

P wanted to get together and have lunch and suggested Tiffin. Since I had just gone there the weekend before, I had to kindly request another choice. So he suggested “that asian place next to whole foods”. That meant Sang Kee. I was in! It was pretty late for lunch so there weren’t very many people there. Outdoor seating was set up too. They asked us inside or out, and I almost laughed in their faces. It was a terribly hot and humid day. Inside, please! ┬áSo P got the Roasted Pork and Roasted Duck and Vegetable On White Rice. Yes, they get extremely creative with the names of their dishes here! It’s a giant plate heaped with rice, a bunch of greens, a crapload of roasted pork, and a sh!tton of roasted duck.

I usually always get the noodle bowls here, but it was just too darn hot for any kind of hot steaming bowl. So I opted still for noodles, but not the hot soupy kind. So I got the chow fun with the roasted pork. I love the roasted pork there, so I was happy to chow down on a whole bunch of that. And a wide flat rice noodle is probably my favorite noodle. I’m a big fan of this place, you all know that. I would be happy to eat lunch here all the time! The only annoying thing is that they don’t have a separate lunch menu. So there aren’t any lunch deals. But their prices are fairly reasonable anyhow (at least for dinner), so it’s not that big of an issue.

H-Mart Lunch On A Hot Day

A was in town over Memorial Day weekend and she wanted to go have lunch. I like when other people decide where to go, and she suggested H-Mart. Yay! There wouldn’t be very many reasons for me saying no to this. A got the dolsot bibimbap. She doesn’t put the kochujang into her bibimbap and mixes it up before she eats it. So you can see that the rice is still white and nothing is spicy. But she takes little dips of the kochujang and adds it bite and bite if she wants. It’s a different approach. Hey man, whatever works! It’s good with the spice or without.

It was a hot day, so I did not want hot food, but wasn’t really sure what to get. Then, we saw two employees eating from this giant, and I emphasize, giant, bowl. That particular shop sold tuna albap and shrimp albap, but these girls were eating it with tofu. That’s what I wanted. But it wasn’t on the menu. But I asked for it anyway. The lady behind the counter got confused. So she asked one of the girls who was eating this, and she said sure, why not. So they made me one. What I thought was a serving for two employees turned out to be actually just for one. It just happens to come out in a giant bowl. You cannot see how giant this bowl is in the photo. That bowl with all the shredded lettuces, cabbages, carrots, cucumber, and tofu, does not have any rice in the middle of it. That stilll has to be added later. This giant bowl was just positively filled with a giant heap of shredded veggies. It was awesome.

When you throw the rice in there, the kochujang, and mix it all together, you get this lovely firey mess. Really, it looks like a giant mixed shredded salad or shredded cole slaw with a red dressing. Oh, but with a little teeny bit of rice mixed up in there. On a hot day, this really is just the perfect food. Raw crunchy cold ingredients, with a hint of spice. The tofu was warm with some sesame oil, and it was the perfect protein. Aside from the imitation crabmeat, this was practically vegan!

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