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Trade Show Eats

I was in Orland to work a trade show with my company. This particular trade show is the BIG one of the year and well, it was rather overwhelming. The space at the Orange County Convention Center was absolutely ginormous. I’d never experienced something of its sheer vastness. The thought of feeding this number of people all day long is kind of mindboggling. There was hot breakfast, but I never made it to that as I was on my feet and working from very early in the day. Luckily, there were stations all around the main show floor with breakfast snacks. I think I took all of the bananas near me and took full advantage of the fruit cups. I only wish they had some yogurt.

The proper lunches were hot and served in the official dining area, which was huge. There were three stations: mediterranean salad, italian, american carvery. And for the three days, it was the same food, every day. Same three options, same dishes at each station. It was disappointing, to say the least. I ended up eating at the italian pasta station every day. The other two stations just did not appeal to me at all. So it ended up being pasta with red sauce and sausage. I wasn’t very impressed. The sausage was ok, but the pasta was overcooked, which tends to happen when you’re cooking for thousands.

In the afternoon, they tended to set out several snack options at various stations. There would be chocolate, lots and lots of chocolate. Sometimes, they had donut holes. They didn’t particularly care to have healthy snacks.

On one of the nights right towards the end of the day, they had a little reception thing and offered more snacks as well as beer, wine, and cocktails. More donuts, sweets, chocolates, mini salads, fruits and cheeses, and shrimp cocktail.

I liked these little mozzarella and tomato shooters. I’m a big fan of food shooters it seems!
They even had sushi, fried rice, and pad thai, and takeaway containers, which made it all kind of cute. But overall, it was just ok. The lunch was the biggest disappointment. Keep the same three stations every day, I can understand, but mix the options up a bit. Is it that hard to come up with different pastas for 3 days? I think not!

Lunches In An Italian Canteen

While in Italy, I lunched at the customer’s canteen. These are not just little sandwiches or such, these are straight up full meals, with courses even. You can pick whatever you want, and because I can’t eat too much, I actually control myself. But really, you can eat like a king, and it’s free. Some penne with bacon and ham and a few spices, and tons of oil. A salad and an extremely gargantuan portion of some fresh soft cheese called primasale. They really like to load you up here. And they keep wanting me to take some of everything. The canteen workers are like drug pushers and are putting peer pressure on me.

This day I had the chicken cutlet. It wasn’t straight up chicken breast, it was some kind of formed chicken, but it tasted excellent. Another gargantuan portion of a side, this time some fennel. I’ve never eaten fennel in my life. Other than a few bites that were a bit too anisey, I quite enjoyed this! A roll, whose shape is a specialty of the area. It’s funny because this roll is actually quite hollow on the inside. It’s reminiscent of a kaiser roll, but crustier, and hollow. I got a hunk of a brie type of cheese. And a banana. And of course, frizzante water.

My last work lunch day, I had some pork with a tomato and onion based sauce. I also got some cold green beans, which I loved, and some slices of emmentaler cheese. I’ve been totally digging the variety of the lunches. I already miss it!

Eating With The NYPD – Lantern

Ok, so I technically wasn’t eating with the NYPD, but I was eating with people that were working with the NYPD, so by the associative property, I was practically eating lunch with the NYPD. We took a short walk from the NYPD police academy to Lantern, a thai joint.
It’s a cool and sleek place. Modern and shiny, with living trees on the inside!
They have a kick ass $8 lunch special. Who knew you could find such bargains in NYC for lunch? And it’s not from a truck, it’s a proper sit-down joint. The special comes with your choice of appetizer. J and L got these dumplings. Man, these look… toothsome.

I got the spring rolls, because I’m drawn to fried appetizers in thai restaurants. It’s like a sickness. These little babies were hot and tasty.

Everyone ended up getting a noodle dish of some kind. Three of us got drunken noodles. L got chicken, J got shrimp, and I got calimari. M got the pad se-ew, which is pretty much just like drunken noodles, except not spicy, so not drunken. I love me some drunken noodles. I love thick rice noodles and I love the kick of spice in this dish. It’s never too much, it’s just enough spice to go with the sweet. And when given the option, I love squid in pretty much any form. A lovely thai meal for lovely little prices!

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