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Beijing Home Style

Sometimes you just want to eat some americanized chinese food but don’t want to get take-out. So we went to Beijing Homestyle in Manayunk, which is quite an attractive restaurant. It’s large too, and the dining room is swathed in blue. Blue isn’t typically the color that might jump out at you when you think chinese joint, red and yellow tend to jump in my brain. But here’s a place that has blue all over the place. There are also tons of colorful photographs along the walls. The decor appeals to me quite a bit.
The Shanghai’s Famous Soup Dumplings. These are filled with ground pork, ginger, and spring onions and are served in bamboo cages after being steamed. These are good but there wasn’t very much soup in them. In fact, some had none. And the ones that did had very little soup. But these were still good dumplings.
Here’s the orange chicken. If you like orange chicken, you’ll like this! No complaints here!
Upon the recommendation of our server, we also go the Iron Pan Short Ribs. These are extremely savory yet sweet short ribs that come out on a sizzling hot plate. This was also quite good. Both these entrees would appeal to anyone who loves americanized chinese food.
This dessert sounded interesting, so we tried these moon drop things. It was basically a mochi type sphere filled with stuff, in this case, a sweet sesame paste. It came in a brothy type liquid, which didn’t really taste like much. It was just warm. The mochi was warm and chewy, and the sweet and nutty sesame paste inside was a nice contrast with the slightly salty broth. I’ve never tasted anything like this before and quite enjoyed it. Service was good. It was a nice dine-in chinese food experience.

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Le Bus

We made an unexpected jaunt to Manayunk for a late brunch. Do you know this Le Bus? Can you believe I’ve never been? I know they bake bread, and that’s about all I knew about the place. I’ve seen long lines there before during brunch hours. The place is pretty big on the inside, and was mighty crowded.

E got a turkey burger. Dude, so tasty. This was a well made turkey burger blended with celery, onions, shallots, garlic, scallions, and peppers. And man, do all those ingredients make for a delicious little burger. I wish I had ordered this.
I think this was the colorado chicken salad. Grilled chicken, grilled corn, lettuce, tomato, blue cheese, and asparagus. What a great salad, other than the evil blue cheese. J commented that the one thing that would have made the salad perfect was if they’d grilled the asparagus. And we all wholeheartedly agreed. If you’re going to have grilled chicken and corn, why not go all the way and grill the asparagus too. I mean it tasted fine, but it was just plain cold asparagus. It would have been that much better if they were grilled.

I actually ordered one of the specials of the day, which was a bbq chicken sandwich. It was a whole grilled chicken breast with cheese, bacon, and bbq sauce on top. It was good! The bbq sauce was really great, I should have asked them what kind it was. I asked for sweet potato fries cuz you know I love them. One thing E and I couldn’t figure out was what this mysterious white sauce was that got served with the sweet potato fries. It wasn’t mayonnaise, it wasn’t sour cream, it wasn’t horseradish, we just couldn’t figure it out. It ended up being wasted on both of us.

Our waitress was spacey. Like seriously spacey. Her eyes were out of control, and she kept saying everything was awesome. But then later on she said she’d been working since 5AM, so maybe she had a right to be a bit spacey. I liked this place. If I end up in Manayunk again, I could certainly eat here.

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Late Night Eats In Manayunk

Friday night was the first nice day/night out in… oh… months. So what to do? First Friday! We hung out a bit, and then ended up at National Mechanics. We didn’t eat there, but I have eaten there before, but I don’t remember it at all. I think I vaguely recall nachos. They had chicken on them? But I do like the place. It’s different, in a good way.

After a night of shenanigans, R was feeling peckish and wanted to go to a diner. I was still feeling pretty crappy so I didn’t really care. There aren’t many late-night options, so we somehow ended up at the Manayunk Diner. Never imagined I’d ever eat here. It’s big and multi-levelled… they even have wifi! Ha!

R went with her diner food and just general favorite food of choice – lox and bagels. I’ve never seen anyone so in love with lox and bagels. I’ve never actually officially tried it. I really should see what all the fuss is about. I’ve eaten plenty of bagels and plenty of smoked salmon, just not together. Although I’m not that into smoked salmon, but I will try it soon.

I went with the blintzes with apple topping. Screw the apple topping! It came from a can and was heated up, but they were fairly blech. The blintzes themselves were good, although because I was sick and stuffed up, I really didn’t taste much. That’s kinda been the worst part of being sick. I really don’t care about the feeling crappy and the phlegm and the sniffling. What sucks is not being able to taste food. Ugh.

There are crazy random characters hanging out at the Manayunk Diner after hours. But what do you expect? The service was quite fine and really, their dessert case looked pretty frickin good!

Manayunk Diner
3720 Main St
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