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Soup And Sandwich At House In Media

On my second day of jury duty, I took a quick walk to lunch on some soup and a sandwich at House. Look how cute this place is! I couldn’t resist going into a place that also shares the name of my favorite TV show about an ornery curmudgeon doctor.
This was the corn and bell pepper soup, which was the soup of the day. Oh my word, this was delicious. It kind of looks awful, but it’s amazingly sweet and delicious. It’s chunky and coarse, but in a good way. The corn flavor is super strong and it’s just incredibly hearty. This is some of the best corn soup I’ve ever had.
I got a soup and sandwich combo, and my sandwich was the El Nino. The gal at the counter recommended it and said that it was quite popular. This beauty has avocado chicken salad, tomatoes, and bacon, with chipotle remoulade and is grilled on a panini press. Again, just like the soup, this was a total winner. Avocado chicken salad? Give me more! Every single ingredient in this worked well together. It was a fantastic sandwich! This place is adorable. If I was a local I’d be a regular!

Azie – Media

Why the heck was I having lunch in Media? Because of jury duty, of course! Otherwise, it wouldn’t make much logistical sense for me to be hauling my ass all the way over to those parts. But you know, civic duty doesn’t wait! I decided to go classy and lunch at Azie on my first day. It’s very attractive and fancy. I felt like a big grub hanging out there.
The miso soup was quite tasty. The scallions were chopped super fine, which I totally dug.
One of their lunch specials is a sushi roll set with soup, side salad, and two rolls.I picked the spicy tuna roll and the shrimp tempura roll. These weren’t bad or anything, they just weren’t particularly good. They were just totally middle of the road. Really, when you’re surrounded by all the shiny sparkling prettiness, you expect the food to be worthy. But I was so not impressed with it. I don’t know, it was just blah. The salad had a zippy little dressing but the soup and salad really shouldn’t be the highlights of my meal, which they were. Service was fine.

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