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Plaza Garibaldi

There are tons of places to get tacos around the italian market. We stopped by Plaza Garibaldi per S’s recommendation. When we walked in, it was mostly filled with mexicans, which is always a good sign. The place is colorful and apparently, they have a liquor license now. After an extremely awkward exchange, where our server clearly didn’t understand that I wanted a limon jarritos, I ended up going over to the cooler and just getting my own soda. I guess I am that terrible at uttering “jarritos, limon”. Sadness. The complimentary chips and salsas were just dandy.
Here are the Campechanos tacos, which are steak and mexican sausage. All of the tacos here are served with raw chopped onion, cilantro, and guacamole as toppings. This is the first place where I’ve gotten guacamole as a default taco topping. I didn’t mind it a bit! You also get lime and radish slices on your plate. I love radishes! So these tacos were damn good. Both the steak and the sausage were full of flavor and I loved all the toppings.
I got the Al Pastor tacos and these were only so so. I mean they were fine, but the campechanos just had so much more flavor. And honestly, where were the pineapple? I didn’t see any, let alone taste any. Next time, I’ll just go for the campechcanos!

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Cafe Rio – Cedar City

We eventually made it to Cedar City, which is actually quite a big town. How do we know? Because there’s a Home Depot and a Target and a Starbucks and highways! We ended up eating dinner at Cafe Rio, which is a mexican chain joint out of Salt Lake City.
We both ended up getting burritos. S got the sweet pork barbacoa burrito, enchilada style. So basically, that means it was slathered on the outside with sauce. These things are sizeable. S found the pork to be a bit too sweet, but I quite liked it. But I do agree that it might be a tad too sweet, even for me. The sauce was a little bit sweet too.
I got the fire grilled steak burrito, and did not get enchilada style. At first, they made it enchilada style anyway, without asking me, and then ended up redoing it for me. The steak is actually fire grilled, I saw them make it while I had to wait for a new one, and damn, the beef is really freakin good. It was a lot better than the pork, in my opinion. But I should have gotten enchilada style as it does make it a bit better. I don’t know what they do to the beef, but they’re doing it right. It’s really quality. I prefer this spot over chipotle or qdoba or any such nonsense.

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La Cueva – Torrey

For dinner in Torrey, we headed over to La Cueva. It’s a mexican joint attached to a gas station convenience store. Yes, many restaurants seem to be attached to gas stations here in southern utah.
Complimentary chips and salsa. The chips were excellent – warm, crunchy, not greasy. The salsa was ok, but way too watery.
S got the beef fajitas. While the rice and beans were fine, she was sorely disappointed with the actual meat and veggies. Instead of being fresh, she could tell that they came from a giant vat of pre-cooked meat and veggies. Even though it was placed on a “sizzling hot plate”, there was nothing really sizzling about it, because it had probably sizzled hours ago. If it had actually just been cooked, it probably would have been decent.
I got an enchilada and taco combo. I had a barbacoa taco and it was pretty freakin delicious. The enchilada was topped with all kinds of cheese and veggies and even avocado, and that was good too. So were the rice and beans. In other words, I ordered the right thing.
Service was ok, but nothing special. Everyone in there was probably a tourist merely passing through. But you can’t really complain about views like this…

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