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Suburban Mexican Goodness

I love me some mexican food. Especially because I went to grad school in Texas and the one thing that Texas has better than most states is mexican food. I’ve had alot of it, and the best has come from Texas or Mexico. Philadelphia has some good mexican food. And it has lots of bad mexican food as well. Most people know about a few places downtown, and the taqueria on Washington Ave. There are also a few gems in the suburbs as well, and my favorite is the Taqueria La Michoacana in Norristown. Yes, Norristown. While I love the taqueria on Washington Ave, it’s not exactly what I would call a restaurant, even though you can sit down and eat. It’s much more of a pick-up kinda place.
The taqueria in Norristown is a proper restaurant. Don’t poo poo them because they happen to be in Norristown. Yes, it’s not the best neighborhood, but it’s not their fault. The restaurant itself is a small but cute and colorful place. They have a rather crazy and huge painting on the ceiling of a falcon biting into a snake. There’s some requisite Mexican decorations and knick knacks. They have fancy table tops. They have a few TVs playing Mexican shows. The walls are bright!

Now, onto the food. They give you free freshly fried chips and three different salsas – a pico de gallo, a green sauce, and a red sauce. The pico was pretty bland and benign, but the green and red were both really good and had a decent kick. The chips were also delicious, having been freshly fried. I had been craving enchiladas verdes, so I went for it. They came with 6 enchiladas (it was alot) and also rice and beans. And it was covered with freshly grated queso fresco. I had beef in mine and it had a good amount of sliced meat in it, it was not the most tender, but well cooked and flavored. I liked them alot. H got the chicken fajitas. She wasn’t crazy about them, but she liked them just fine.

I was full, but we decided to get a dessert – fried ice cream. It’s different than the fried ice cream you would find at an Asian restaurant, in that it’s not dunked in a thick batter. Instead, they coat it with what seems to be crushed corn flakes, and then fry it. And they serve it with some whipped cream and strawberries. It’s very sweet and decadent, and for people that aren’t chocolate-crazy, it’s great. So if you’re in the mood for some good mexican food suburban style, give this place a shot.

Taqueria La Michoacana
301 E Main St
Norristown, PA 19401

BYO Capogiro

A few different people had been talking about Lolita a few weeks ago, and then suddenly I had a chance to go. It is an adorable little BYOB in center city. It’s very small with cozy little teeny tables. The decor is quite minimalist, with brick walls and plain tables and a painting or two. I heard there was cute pottery in the bathrooms!

So Lolita is a byob, but it’s known as a byot, bring your own tequila. They happily allow you to bring your own tequila while they provide pitchers of margarita mix. They have the traditional lime as well as certain seasonal mixes. During my visit they offered traditional, blood orange, and blackberry. We went with the blackberry, which came with blackberry puree, thai basil, and sugared rimmed glasses. I didn’t put any booze in mine as I had to drive, but the virgin margarita was really, really, really good! I could have just drank it as a meal. But I didn’t!

We got some guacamole and queso with chorizo, and they also gave us some salsa, one green, one red, along with mixed chips. The mixed chips included corn, malanga, and plantain. They were good, and so was the salsa, especially the red, as it had a nice kick. The guacamole was good but nothing too exciting. I didn’t try the queso but it looked like it would probably be salty. That came with some home made hot corn tortillas.

I decided to go with the enchiladas verdes with chipotle shrimp. I had remembered some enchiladas verders I’d had in Mexico City so I was in an enchilada type mood. The enchiladas came with shiitake mushrooms, but since I don’t like mushrooms, I just went without them. The enchiladas themselves were really good, even though there was really only cheese in them, and so were the shrimp. The dish came with herbed rice and refried beans. The beans didn’t really seems refried, they seemed fairly whole, and they were good. I don’t recall there being much herbed rice. I think it was mixed up with the beans, but it seems relatively bean heavy.

Some of the other entrees also looked quite good. A few people got the chicken breast. I almost got the duck. I think someone got the pork chop? Is it a pork chop? or is it a big lamb chop? I don’t know. I’m bad with my chop knowledge. They are also somewhat vegetarian friendly as you can get pretty much any of the entrees substituted with tofu or portobello mushrooms.

They did have a dessert menu but they disappointed me by saying they were out of the creme brulee. It is a ginger-vanilla creme brulee. Damn it. But that’s ok, because instead, we went to feed my new Capogiro addiction. This time, I had kiwi and asian pear. I’ve never tasted something that tasted so much like asian pear other than a real asian pear! It is rather freakish. Once again, the kiwi kicked ass. Once again, I’m still dreaming about it!

Lolita on Urbanspoon

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