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Lost Finale Eats

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, or unless you were smart enough not to get sucked into the lost netherworld, you know that Lost recently ended its six season run. Say what you will about the finale, it was still a good reason to get together and eat. I will miss these little island themed shindigs. Look at these adorable little mini tomato, basil, and mozzarella with balsamic stackers. So damn cute!

A fruit mix with the most incredible strawberries I’ve had in a long time. Wherever these strawberries came from, I want to go to there!

It wouldn’t be a Lost party without shrimp cocktail and chips and guac/salsa! The salsa was decidedly spicier than expected.

The entree of the evening was chicken fajitas. Here are their fixins.

And here are the chicken fajita innards… chicken, onions, and peppers in fajita seasoning. Also, here’s some spanish rice from a packet. And lastly, some fish, for those who felt inclined not to have chicken fajitas. Everything turned out great! Goodbye Lost!

Mexican At Regalito – No Burritos!

We’d been passing Regalito for awhile and remarking how cute it was. It wasn’t your typical mexican spot in the mission, as those tend to be bright and gawdy burrito spots. It’s in what looks like used to be a house of some type, and it’s painted very tastefully on the outside. The inside is still tasteful, but has tons of really colorful and kooky art. We’d also gotten a little friends and family discount card awhile back from someone, so we really had been meaning to go here.

We sat at counter which is where the kitchen is. Everything is made to order, and there was really only one person cooking. So it’s one of those places where you can watch your food being cooked. There was only one other person on the kitchen side, and she seemed to be making the tortillas and helping out with some prep. The menu is not that large. And there are no burritos on this menu!

We were starving so we got an appetizer. This is the chilindrinas – fresh corn masa and two spinach tortillas, fried and topped with habanero tomato sauce, shredded cabbage, queso fresco, and crema mexicana. Mmm, this thing was delicious. The chef definitely gets a little happy with the crema mexicana. We noticed that he was dousing it on practically everything. We certainly wouldn’t have minded if he’d had a lighter tough with it, but it was still quite delicious. Just watch out though, because certain bites will be kickier than others.
J got the tinga de pollo – shredded free-range chicken in chipotle sauce, served with rice and avocado salsa. The rice came on the side and something else came on the side… fresh corn tortillas. And he could not stop talking about how good they were. The chicken was good too, but he absolutely fell for these tortillas. They were the best tortillas he’d ever had. He wouldn’t stop saying that!

I specifically only wanted to come here if they had the posole. It was a cold night and I wanted hot soup. It’s not normally on the menu, but was a special on this night. Posole is a traditional soup/stew made with hominy, meat, chili pepper, and other seasonings and garnish. This posole had giant hunks of pork and was served with fried flour tortillas, shredded cabbage, and chopped onions on the side. Posole is warm and hearty and filling. This was not spicy either, it just looks like it is super hot. This one wasn’t nearly as flavorful as I was hoping it would be, but it definitely hit the spot. The tortillas were awesome too. When I’ve had posole before, they give you julienned radishes with it, and I wished they’d given me some.

I’m not typically a dessert person, but when I saw this on the menu I had to get it. I remember being in San Antonio once a long long time ago and having this candied sweet potato thingy at a mexican restaurant, or maybe it was a mexican pastry/candy shop. I haven’t been able to find it since. Even in San Francisco in the mission, in any of the bodegas, I’ve never been able to find it. So when I saw “candied sweet potato with ice cream” on the menu, I thought I’d hit the jackpot! Well, it wasn’t what I thought it was. But it was still good. I don’t know how candied it was, but it was more than just a plain old cooked half of a sweet potato. And it definitely didn’t come with ice cream, it was more just floating in some sweet milky creamy type of liquid. Whatever it was, I still liked it. It was an extra sweet sweet potato with some cream. What’s not to like?

Service was great. Our server was pretty cool. Like I said before, there’s really only one person cooking the food here, so it takes time. It’s not a pick your burrito fixins and take it to the park to eat kind of mexican joint, ok? And it definitely is not burrito joint pricing! It’s a nice alternative when you want some fancier mexican food in a nice setting without the crazy bright glare of fluorescent lights.
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“Fancy” Mexican at Moctezuma

It was time for another sunday outing, and I didn’t have to pick this one! Whoo! E actually picked mexican at Moctezuma which is right off of Washington Ave. Compared to some of the taqueria joints in the neighborhood, this place could be considered fancy. They actually have tablecloths! Here we have the requisite complimentary chips and salsa. To my surprise, these weren’t corn tortilla chips, they were flour! And they seemed to be home fried flour tortilla chips. While I prefer corn, this was a nice diversion from the norm. Both of the salsas were quite spicy. So beware! The red one was particularly smoky and the green tasted like it had habanero in it. These salsas were awesome.

E had heard great things about the tortilla soup, so she had to have it. The moctezuma version is served along with cheese, pasilla pepper, cream avocado, and tomato juice. And it’s quite a sizeable bowl! She really liked this and had plenty to take home.

E also got the Tacos Dorados, which are chicken tacos rolled in a corn tortilla, topped with cream, cheese and lettuce. They are also served with beans and “mexican salsa”, which just seems like guacamole to me. These little guys are more like taquitos and not traditional tacos, for those of you that are into that type of thing.

I got the enchiladas verde. This is such a wonderfully simply prepared dish. Corn tortillas are filled with chicken, smothered with green sauce, cream, queso fresco, and topped with sliced onions. And it’s served with the most delicious and buttery rice. Man, I could eat t his all the time.

Service was great. The server was super friendly and helpful and seemed really happy that we were there. We were definitely the only non-mexicans in the place. He even asked us how we found out about the place and gave us business cards so that we could give them out to friends. The prices are very reasonable and you get plenty of delicious and fresh food. Plus, you get to watch random things on their flat screen like the Fugitive or Stuart Little, dubbed in spanish!
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