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Zion National Park

Zion National Park was our last stop, and it was the biggest park, by far. There are two main sections and in the main section, the more popular one, you have to take a shuttle system throughout most of it. It’s convenient and informative! One of the most well-known hikes there is Angel’s Landing. It’s a long climb up… a long, dangerous, and treacherous climb up. But it’s totally awesome and totally worth it.
And when you get to the top, you can eat your crappy supermarket sandwich at 1500 ft. Anything crappy ends up being super delicious.
There are a bunch of chipmunks and squirrels up there with you to be your dining companions. You’re not supposed to feed them, but a bunch of kids were feeding them sunflower seeds. Yeah, it was pretty adorable.Zion is one of the few parks where there are some facilities for food inside the actual park. We even got some soft serve.
They also don’t sell any bottled water there. Why? Because they have delicious unadultered and free spring water. So bring some refillable bottles or hydration packs and drink in some of the free nature.
There’s also a beer garden! Because you know, you can’t bond with nature unless you’re drunk?

Bryce Canyon National Park

Bryce Canyon National Park… I mean seriously folks, Bryce F’in Canyon. This place is unbelievably awesome. I mean, it just is! Look at it!!! We hiked around the rim and nearly fell into the canyon many times due to the freakishly strong winds. And there’s nothing to hold onto. But who cares about possible death, look how amazing it is!
We hiked a whole helluva lot, and I ended up cracking into my haribo gummi bears. That’s right people, I’m a grown person and I love me some gummi bears!
We probably ate a sandwich during our hiking, because that’s pretty much what we ate whenever we were hiking in the parks. It seriously got me to not being that into sandwiches. And I’m still not sure I’ve recovered! But this navajo trail hike? Totally worth it! Do it!

Capitol Reef National Park

Capitol Reef National Park is Utah’s least visited park. It sure is! And I don’t know why. I guess it’s not as snazzy and fancy as the more popular spots, but it’s still impressive to me. And they even have food!
There used to be a little mormon town within this park. One of their houses is now a museum and little shop. It’s got old stuff in it.
All kinds of old stuff, including old kitchen stuff.
They sell locally produced jarred goodness.
And hello! Freshly baked pies!

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