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SangKee Asian Bistro Visit

When it comes to an easy meal out near home, SangKee is always one of the top choices. The last time my mom and I stopped by, they had brand new menus with a fancy and colorful cover. It doesn’t matter what day or what time I go to this place. It’s always busy! And it makes sense, because their food is always consistently good.
Here’s something I’d never tried before in all of my previous visits – the fried shrimp dumplings. These suckers are hot, stuffed with yummy shrimp, and serviced with a sweet and savory dipping sauce.
My mom got the whole bronzino with ginger and soy sauce. This was a huge whole fish! Neither of us expected it to be this big. It was light and flaky and fresh. The sauce was a little boring and bland, they certainly could have kicked it up a notch. But it was well worth it. My mom got several more meals out of the leftovers!
I always like their big broth noodles bowls, so I mixed it up from my usual and got the stewed beef with udon noodles. The meat was tender and strong with 5-spice flavor, and I’m a total sucker for thick udon noodles. Service here is always good.

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Yummy Lan Zhou Hand-Drawn Noodle House

Yummy Lan Zhou Hand-Drawn Noodle House (say that 5 times in a row), not to be confused with Nan Zhou, is the latest hand-drawn noodle shop to open in chinatown. Although it would be hilarious if these two shops were next door to each other, alas, they are not. They’re not even around the corner. So it’s not exactly a Vietnam / Vietnam Palace situation or anything. Perhaps they’ve got more of a Penang / Banana Leaf thing going on. In any case, for your chinese noodle hankerings, here’s another option. It’s got a decent sized dining room. There’s a menu full of noodle dishes. You can see into the kitchen and watch them make the noodles.
Here are the hand-drawn noodles in some beef soup. It’s a big bowl filled with sliced beef, a hearthy broth, and a big helping of hand-drawn noodles. You can’t go wrong with this.
I decided to go crazy and get the shaved noodles instead. I didn’t want thin uniform noodles, I wanted some weirdness. The shaved noodles are thicker and in funkier irregular shapes. And I loved it. I think there’s definitely room for more than one hand-pulled noodle house in chinatown. The more the merrier!

Pre-Party Lunch – More Food Court

We had to go to H-Mart in Elkins Park to pick up the rice cakes and to Ko Ba Woo to pick up the food from the caterers. So while at H Mart we had lunch at the More Food Court. My brother’s mulnaengmyun. Pretty darn good! It’s fairly zesty and vinegary already, without needing to add any extra.
Here’s my mom’s bibimnaengmyun. It’s the same noodles as the mul one above, but without the mul (water). It was pretty darn spicy and firey.
My SIL’s shrimp and veggie tempura. It was ok. The veggie selection was heavy on the carrot and missing sweet potatoes or yams. She even fed some to baby E and he ate it up! It was E’s first tempura.
I was feeling noodley so I got the jjajangmyun. It wasn’t the best ever, but it was quite respectable. What really made it stand out was the generous helping of noodles it had. It was seriously heavy on the noodles, and that’s why perhaps, I felt like there should have been more of the stuff on top. Why can’t they get the ratio right? This food court has a bit of everything… I could eat lunch here pretty much every day!

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