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So He Does Eat! Like Real People!

There’s been lots of talk about Obama’s food finickiness. That he’s a picky eater, overly concerned with health, abstemious, etc. So I was pleasantly surprised to find this little video gem where he orders a burger with fries, and a little salad/veggie… on Air Force One! Something we’ll never get to do ourselves. Now, he orders this stuff, but we don’t get to see him eat it. So I’ll believe it when I see it!

Inquiring Minds Want to Know

What will they be serving at the Inaugural luncheon? See for yourself. It’s modeled after Lincoln. I love how american all the ingredients are. Sniff sniff. And natch, they have recipes so you yourself can feel presidential!

New Meal At Library Alehouse, New President Too

On election night, we headed up Main Street to the Library Alehouse in Santa Monica. It has a bar with dining up front, and a back patio area for more outdoor dining. After watching election coverage all day long, I didn’t want to take a break, but in order to be seated right away, we went in the patio. It’s a lovely little space out there. Outdoors, but with coverage, and actually quite lovely. J got the fish tacos with mango salsa. He liked these very much. We also got complimentary chips and salsa, and we totally pounded those. The salsa had a slight kick. And we started noticing that around here, most places give out fairly spicy salsa. I had been craving pasta, so I got the pumpkin ravioli with a sage sauce. It was strange, like pumpkin pie in little pockets of dough, but I liked it very much. The sauce was creamy yet very light. It was just what I wanted. Service was great. Towards the end of the meal, when it go to 8 o’clock, we heard some cheering coming from the bar. We had a new president! But darn it, I was kinda bummed that after all that tv watching throughout the day, we missed the whole electoral vote going over 270 thing. Damn you timing!

Oh, and the Library Alehouse is actually an alehouse, so they have a bunch of beers on tap. We didn’t drink there, but I was cold so we hopped to the Coffee Bean next door and got me a hot chocolate. The girls there were so excited about the election that they gave it to me for a dollar off. That was the tastiest, cheapest, and election-tastic hot chocolate I’d ever had.
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