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I Told You I Was In Meat Country

I was looking through the local Tulsa alternative weekly and saw this ad. See, when I tell you I was in meat country, I mean it!

Latte Art Contest

A hop skip and a jump from Oscar’s, I inadvertently ran into DoubleShot Coffee Company. They roast their own beans and they sell retail and wholesale. I don’t know if these sacks were decorative or actually had viable beans in them. The shop is nice and big and has plenty of seating. You can tell they take their coffee very seriously. While they’re normally closed in the evenings, they were still open this night because they were having a latte art throwdown. The whole thing was being streamed live onto ustream and was being shown on various monitors throughout the shop (sorry my photo sucks, but trust me, these lattes looked beautiful). And they were serving complimentary coffee the whole time. If I ever have to come back to Tulsa, I’ll make a proper stop at DoubleShot and have myself a cup.

Tulsa Gastropubbin’

I had an extremely early flight on friday morning, so I spent thursday night in Tulsa proper. Tulsa, the “big city”. After doing a little roamin on yelp, I decided to go to FB Oscar’s Gastropub which is located near downtown Tulsa. I have no idea about the neighborhoods in Tulsa, but where Oscar’s was seemed to have a number of restaurants and clubs/bars and such. And there were beautiful old craftsman style houses everywhere. It seemed to be a pretty cool neighborhood, and it was near the river. The place is nicely decorated and pretty big on the inside. There are two huge skylights with these funky balloon shaped thingies hanging down. There’s a big bar with tons of beers and outdoor dining in the front. I asked the bartender if I could only pick one thing, what should I pick, and he recommended the kobe beef meatloaf. I had been eating beef non-stop for days, and I really wanted to go meat-free, but I decided to get it anyway. When I was reading some reviews about this place, other people had raved about it, so I had to go with it. This dish is regularly served with drunken mushrooms and braised spinach. I told him that the two things I really don’t like are mushrooms and spinach, so could he just give me something else as a side. He said he would make me happy. Oh boy, did he!

The meatloaf came topped on a heap of goat cheese mashed potatoes. There was some sort of onion compote type thing on top of the meatloaf, which tasted like it was braised in red wine vinegar. And surrounding the entire plate was a melange of stir fried veggies in an awesome asian-inspired sauce. It’s like he was reading my mind! Everything on this plate was delicious – the meatloaf, the potatoes, the veggies. Everything had tons of flavor. I loved everything about it. And it was tons of food too. This was one of the best entrees I’ve had in a long time. The whole experience was impressive – the food, the service, the ambiance. Oscar’s has the total package!
Oscar's Gastropub on Urbanspoon

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