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Bartlesville’s Famed Heart Attack Meal

Apparently, whenever you’re in that area of the country where it’s, you know, in the middle, and you mention Bartlesville, they ask about Murphy’s. It’s supposedly a steak house, but they’re famous for these plates of hot hamburger, hot cheeseburger, hot meat, etc. What is it? Well behold – the junior hot hamburger.
It’s a piece of texas toast topped with a hamburger patty, a giant mound of fries piled on top of that, and then gravy poured all over the whole plate. Indeed, there is meat under there, though you would hardly know it. Being a fan of everything about this dish, especially the gravy, I loved it. And this was the junior. I can’t even begin to fathom how humongous the regular would be. I ate up all the hamburger patty and texas toast, and barely made it through any of these fries. Trust me, this is a ginormous portion of food. This place is quite divey, like a small town diner. It’s also on the “wrong” side of the tracks of Bartlesville. Which is funny, because Bartlesville is totally an iconic american small town.

Murphy’s Original Steak House
1625 SW Frank Phillips Blvd
Bartlesville, OK 74003
(918) 336-4789

Oklahoma – Home Of Sonic

You didn’t think I’d be at the home of Sonic and not get something? Bartlesville actually has 2, count em, 2, Sonics.
I am crazy about the strawberry limeade, but now I’m totally into the strawberry real fruit slushes. Gah, like a slurpee, but seemingly more healthy, since there’s actual real fruit bits in it. I could drink this stuff all day in the summer.

Dink’s – More Meat

A place that’s known and popular in Bartlesville is Dink’s. Yet another bbq place. Sense a theme yet?
This must be Dink. He’s kinda cute, yet creepy.
I pretty much ordered the same thing I’d ordered the night before – sliced brisket and ribs. I also got slaw and corn on the cob. At Dink’s, they put a tiny bit of sauce on the meat, and they don’t give you any extra. You got tons more meat at Dink’s. In fact, probably too much. I could barely make a dent into my dink’s. The brisket didn’t really have any fat on it, and that’s probably one of the reasons it was a bit on the dry side. Good, but a bit dry. The ribs were great though.

Once again, the slaw was excellent. I’m a big fan of these oklahoma style slaws. Like before, the corn wasn’t sweet, so it was just ok. I think I liked the meat and sauce from Trails End better, but Dink’s is more bang for your bbq buck.
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