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Frank Lloyd Wright Eats

Did you know that Frank Lloyd Wright only designed one skyscraper that ever got built? And that the skyscraper in question is the Price Tower in Bartlesville, Oklahoma? Yeah, me neither. I found this out walking about the Tulsa airport. It opened in 1956 and by today’s standards, it’s damn short, only 19 stories. It’s pretty cool looking though, especially with all the funky copper details.
The place is very cramped compared to modern buildings. For it being a skyscraper, it feels quite claustrophobic.

The elevators there are teeny tiny and old. There is a bar/restaurant towards the top of the building called Copper. They serve drinks and some food from a fairly small menu. I wasn’t inspired by it so I didn’t stay and eat. But it’s a pretty cool building to see and you get some really great views from up there. Other than the Guggenheim, this is the only Wright building I’ve ever been to. Who would have known such coolness would exist in Bartlesville?

Trails End – Meat Fest 09 Begins

So knowing that I was going to Oklahoma, I did some digging into what I could eat. I already knew Sonic would be in my plans, as Sonic originated in Oklahoma. Wherever I looked, it seemed clear that Oklahoma would be a meat-filled adventure. I read some good reviews about this Trails End place, so I picked up some meat to go on my way to Bartlesville from the Tulsa airport. The place is real low-key and homey, there’s absolutely no pretention in this place. It’s all about the food. Check out the amazing ceiling fixtures. Are those wagon wheel lights? A fixins bar with onions, peppers, and pickles. Yeeha!

I got some sliced brisket and some ribs. You get to pick three sides so I went with the baked beans, cole slaw, and corn on the cob. You also get texas toast and a healthy heaping of their bbq sauce.

Look at that delicious smoked and slow cooked meat…. Everything was good, except the beans. They were pretty blah. I really enjoyed the cole slaw. The slaw down here is vinegar based, and not mayo based. The corn wasn’t sweet, but it’s not quite corn season yet. The ribs were fall off the bone and tasty. The brisket was nice and juicy. They use a dry rub and don’t sauce the meat at all, it’s all up to you how much sauce you want to use. Their bbq sauce was super tangy and super sweet, and I loved it. It’s some of the best bbq sauce I’ve had in a long time. Plus, the people who work there were super nice and friendly. It pays to do some online research first!

Trails End
8888 N Garnett Rd
Owasso, OK 74055
(918) 272-7427?

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Goin To Oklahoma!

Yes, Oklahoma. Bartlesville actually, which is about 40 minutes north of Tulsa. My only previous experience with Oklahoma was Oklahoma City. And now I was going somewhere even more remote. Joy. Why does work always send me to such exotic locales?

I didn’t have much time to grab any food so I got this ham and cheese flatbread thingy from dunkin donuts. Wasn’t too crazy about it. The flatbread is just too much and kind of flavorless and dry. And there’s not enough ham and cheese to flavor it up at all. It gave me sustenance, but no real satisfaction. But their donuts still rule.

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