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Impromptu Pho & Cafe Viet Huong

If someone were to drop me off on Washington Ave anywhere near either of the two vietnamese shopping centers, I’d be a happy camper. So it’s no surprise that I end up here as much as I do. I always long for pho when the weather gets to be this bitter cold. Pho & Cafe Viet Huong is always a go-to place for me. Their yummy yummy cha gio, the fried spring rolls… I never noticed before that they come out on personalized plates!
Here’s the vermicelli bowl with pork meat balls, except they’re not meatballs, they’re more like creepy dark pink finger-like sausages. But good sausages! The bun here is quite good, but what’s with the extra thick noodles these days? They’re really puffy.
Here’s my pho bo kho, which has a spicy broth and giant hunks of stewed meat. It’s supposed to have rice noodles, but strangely, it had extremely skinny egg noodles instead. Bizarre! I didn’t care, but it was really weirdly unexpected. It tastes just fine and hearty, regardless. I love this damn place.
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Pho Vietnam – Danbury CT

I had one last business trip this year, to Danbury, CT, of all places. It was super cold, and you know what happens when it’s cold. Yes, I want to eat soup. And if it has noodles in it, that’s even better. So I found Pho Vietnam in a random little strip mall. It’s very small. The decor is not appealing, but who cares.
I had to have some cha gio fried rolls. They make their’s quite long and skinny. Good stuff.
I was being a bit of a goober so I ordered the Pho Sizzle because the name is ridiculous, and because it had marinated grilled steak on top of the pho. I don’t know how much difference this type of meat made, but this was a good little bowl of pho. And I do mean little. They say it’s a large, but it’s really not. But I forgive them, as this isn’t one of those utilitarian pho joints. It is a proper vietnamese restaurant, that happens to serve pho. And it’s good pho too. And for the smallish bowl, it’s not cheap either. But again, this is trying to be a classy place. I also asked for a little bowl of rice. The server asked me if I knew that pho already had noodles in it. I told her yes. You should all do this too, because dipping rice into pho broth is pretty darn amazing. If you’re in Danbury and need a pho fix, here you have it.

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Do Not Order Chinese Food At A Vietnamese Restaurant

I’ve been blogging for awhile and I’ve been eating for my entire life, but I don’t claim to actually know anything about food. I just like it a lot. And even though I don’t know much, there are a few food-related rules I follow. One of them would be to not order chinese food at a vietnamese restaurant. I warned J, but he did not listen. And that’s how he ended up with the worst sweet and sour chicken dish in the world at Anh Hong Pho & Cafe. I tasted it and it was sort of strangely sweet but not sour at all. And I didn’t taste the chicken, but he said it tasted like processed chicken product, not even real hunks of chicken. It was just bizarre. And the onions were pretty much raw. Not good at all. In fact, it was bad.
I ordered the pho with brisket. Oh dear. This is the fattiest and gristliest “brisket” I’ve ever had in pho. And frankly, this meat was hard to eat and hardly worth eating. It really was mostly fat. And the broth was pretty mediocre. So I can’t particularly recommend this place for pho. It’s just not the pho for me. But let me say it again, their vermicelli bowls are awesome. And I will get those over and over again here. But the pho? Skip it. And definitely skip any of the chinese dishes!

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