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Pho Tai Nam – Take 2

We were kickin it suburban style on new year’s day, but were desperately craving pho, so we trekked it on up to pho tai nam. But not before calling and making sure they were open. Maybe my memory had gone, but I remembered stuff always being open on new year’s, but for whatever reason this year, it seemed many businesses were closed, including tons of restaurants. Which did end up putting some cramps into our plans. I didn’t want any fresh spring rolls, but it worked out well because they have a lunch special, where you can include one spring roll to your pho.

J got the steak and brisket pho as part of his lunch special. Maybe I just didn’t remember from the first time I was here, but man, their pho is great. The broth is just excellent, not salty, and full of flavor. Really, their pho is tops! And both the steak and brisket, especially the brisket, were free of fat.

This is a thai and vietnamese place, so instead of us both getting pho, I got drunken noodles with chicken. Drunken noodles is my go-to dish when I eat thai food. I love the thick rice noodles and the spice. This dish was great here, and since we shared, we both got to eat pho and drunken noodles. We were both totally enamored by this place and agreed that this was one of the best meals we’ve had together in awhile. Pho tai nam – the best of both worlds! For those of you in montgo, get your pho here!

Suburban Pho

While pho places abound in the city of brotherly love, its sisterly suburbs are mostly devoid. But there are a few spots… emphasis on the few. One of them is Pho Tai Nam, and we headed out there on one of the annoying rainy nights of this week to check it out. It actually turned out to be a perfect day for pho as it was cold and dreary. It’s like a pho/vietnamese/thai joint. So definitely a mix of cuisines. It’s in a nondescript strip mall. The inside is bright, sizeable, and clean.
Three of us got various bowls of pho, and H/A went crazy and got the pad thai. Which he didn’t really like very much.

We also got some dumplings, as C had mentioned they were good here. And they genuinely were.
The pho did not dissappoint. While clearly overpriced for pho, it was still a sizeable bowl and the broth had good flavor. The meat was nice quality, and overall, I enjoyed it.
C got some mango ice cream for dessert and S got some green tea mochi.

I never leave room for dessert. I was too busy stuffing myself with a long awaited bowl of suburban pho. So for those of you afraid of venturing into the city, head up to Blue Bell and get yourself a bowl in all its suburban glory.

Pho Thai Nam on Urbanspoon

Best. Pho. Restaurant. Name. Ever.

While on Fort Lee’s Main Street, I passed by this place. Mo’ Pho. Hands down, the best damn name for a pho spot, ever. So bravo to you. If I’m ever in Fort Lee again, I’ll stop in, just because the name is so good.

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