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Cold Point Pub – New Menu

Cold Point Pub, in the Whole Foods at Plymouth Meeting, recently added many items to their previously small menu. I had a chance to preview it this week to try out some of their new offerings. ¬†For those of you that don’t know, within the Whole Foods, Cold Point Pub serves six local rotating beers on tap, wine, and has over 300 bottled beers for take-out. And of course, you can eat there too. And now, there’s much more to choose from.

I love me some sweet potato fries so I definitely had to try those. But I also wanted to order the fish and chips. Instead of getting additional chips, I asked them to hold the extra chips. These sweet potato fries are great! There’s actually a mix of regular ones and salted ones, so with the sweet potatoes, you get some that are a little salty, and some that are just sweet. It’s a nice mix. The fish came out nice and hot! It’s a nice quality turbot fish but the batter was a bit too greasy for me. It comes with a nice homemade remoulade for dipping. There’s also some zesty slaw that I absolutely loved and devoured.
I’m a bit of a mac and cheese addict, so I had to try that! As with their takeout stuff, this mac and cheese was great. It was rich but a nice and mild dish, without a sharp taste, which is what I prefer. It’s a nice and creamy mac. It was supposed to have a breadcrumb topping, but for whatever it did not. With that, it would have been even better, but it was already pretty great.
I got the apple pie a la mode for dessert. Look at this presentation! It’s gorgeous! It’s a little mini individual pie, that’s placed on top of a slathering of what I think is dulce de leche. It’s sprinkled with cinnamon, topped with vanilla bean ice cream, and has an almond cookie thing on top (I have no idea what those things are called). This was a rather decadent apple pie! It tasted great, and the dulce de leche was a nice and luxurious touch, but I would have loved having some more apples in the pie. It was a little shy on the apple side! The variety on the new menu is great, for young and old. This mini pub is a nice and casual option, and you get plenty of food for the buck. And don’t forget, you could always go on the roof for the tacos!

Foster’s Steakhouse

With very few other options near the motel, I ventured out a little bit for dinner at Foster’s Steakhouse. There’s also a motel and a little store. It’s like its own little mini town. I really liked their paper placemats.
All the entrees come with bottomless soup or salad. I’d been craving salad for days, so I was really happy about the opportunity to eat soup again. I went with the french onion. It wasn’t the most fancy french onion soup in the world. Where were the rest of the croutons or the cheese? It didn’t matter. It was still pretty darn good and I knew it was homemade, and that’s really all that mattered to me.
I got a chicken stir-fry dish and it made me happy. It wasn’t anything exciting either, but I was happy to have veggies, and most of all, I was beyond ecstatic to have rice. I hadn’t had rice in what seemed like weeks, so the asian in me was craving it. The flavor of the sauce was probably just mostly soy sauce, which didn’t really do it for me, but everything was prepared well. It came with a load of garlic bread, because you know, that totally goes with rice and stir-fry. It was actually quite good, but there was way too much of it.
I was stuffed at this point but had to get a piece of their foster’s pie, to go. I think it had apples and berries and rhubarb and it was really good. I love me some pie and this was definitely excellent pie!

Capitol Reef National Park

Capitol Reef National Park is Utah’s least visited park. It sure is! And I don’t know why. I guess it’s not as snazzy and fancy as the more popular spots, but it’s still impressive to me. And they even have food!
There used to be a little mormon town within this park. One of their houses is now a museum and little shop. It’s got old stuff in it.
All kinds of old stuff, including old kitchen stuff.
They sell locally produced jarred goodness.
And hello! Freshly baked pies!

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