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Pumpkin on Sundays

To continue on with my extreme laziness in blogging, I’m finally posting on this dinner from Pumpkin from forever ago. I don’t even remember what season it was! But I’m pretty sure it was from last summer. So I apologize in advance for the lack of timeliness in the menu and seasonal ingredients. But regarless, Pumpkin still has one of the best sunday night prix fixes to be had. The bread! So warm and so good.
My cucumber and grape soup that was served cold. I love me some soup. And I love me some cold soup. This is so much more exciting than a common gazpacho type cold soup. The cucumber taste was mild and the grapes were just the right pop of sweet. I would drink this out of a glass… or even a pitcher. Just put the funnel in my mouth and start pouring.
Salmon pate with spicy foam! The foam was so spicy! There were a few hunks of watermelon on top of the salmon.
Fregola sarda with cheesy foam and coddled egg. What is fregola sarda? I don’t really know. It’s big round bits of pasta, kinda like israeli┬ácouscous. This foam was so cheesy!
A big hunk of cheese! It reminded us of feta, but was a very creamy consistency. And there were some bits of green plant that were completely mysterious, but quite tasty. Beets too, and some kind of pickled onion type thing. We have no clue, but we ate it all!
There were adorable tiny purple potatoes with my beef! And more mysterious green things that I happily ate.
Fish with mushrooms and more foam! I didn’t even realize until now just how foam-heavy this meal was! And every single foam was completely different from each other.
Chocolate cake with mango sorbet… just about the most mango-y thing you’ll ever taste!
Banana budino! There’s not much for me to say, other than just reiterate my love for Pumpkin. It’s one of my favorite restaurants in all of Philadelphia. I’ve never been disappointed. It’s just a lovely place.


Sbraga is the eponymous restaurant of Top Chef winner, Kevin Sbraga. The beautiful open kitchen spot is on the first floor of Symphony House, which until now, has kind of seemed a cursed location for restaurants. Well, I certainly hope Sbraga sticks around. They only do a four course prix fixe, a concept which I am actually a fan of. You get to pick amongst about a handful of choices in each course.
Everything starts with a fresh and warm popover! Delicious and cheesy. But I wasn’t going to make the mistake of eating too much of the popover so that it would affect the other courses. So I exercised some restraint. I merely tasted it and enjoyed my little taste.
The tuna confit with gem lettuce, piquillo, little eggs, in a vinaigrette. Tuna confit is like a very fancy and amped up version of canned tuna.
The famed foie gras soup, worthy of all its fame. It’s poured at the table and is creamy and delicious. Do try it.
The seared scallop with pork belly, watermelon, jalapeno, and tabbouleh. M had never had pork belly before. It melted in his mouth and he became an instant pork belly fan. It was also the best scallop he’d ever had.
Here’s my miso black cod with apple and kimchi. Delicious! But the highlight was that flat leaf looking thing in the middle of it. No idea what it was whatsoever. But it was great. Like a candied leaf.
M was fancy and got the wagyu steak. It also came with fried oysters and a choron sauce.
Check out the bad-ass steak knives they use here!
On the other end of the meat spectrum, I got the meatloaf with potato puree and bacon marmalade. Mmm… this was savory and sweet and delicious. It was an extremely dense meatloaf with a tangy flavor. I cleaned my plate!

M is a chocolate guy so he got the mascarpone, coffee granita, and chocolate. Coffee flavored ice! Cool!
I’m the fruit based dessert person so I got the lemon cremeux with berry jam, mille feuille. So pretty, so tasty, so fun. We both thoroughly enjoyed our experience at Sbraga. The service was great and the food was even better. Cursed location, no more!

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Bibou Prix Fixe

After several failed attempts at going to the Bibou prix fixe, we finally got a reservation! I swear, every time we wanted to go, there was something stopping us. Either we tried to get a reservation too late, they were on vacation, or one of us wasn’t available on that said sunday. Then all the stars aligned and we finally went! Bibou is pocket-sized and adorably so. It’s warm and inviting.
Warm baguette, anyone? Yes, please! The butter was also delicious.
To start, we had the soup course, which was a bouillabase, with rouille toast. Oh, this was a cute bowl of seafoody goodness. It was hot, pungent, and a great start.
E got the foie gras duo. There was a foie gras creme brulee and a hunk of seared foie gras. For those of you who eat foie gras and like foie gras, this is the choice for you.
I decided to be bold and get the escargot. It’s a french place and I wanted to go as french as possible! Escargot is of course, snails, and these were in a ragout with fava beans, mousseron mushroom, and flavored with tarragon. I like escargot! I’d only had it once before, maybe nearly 10 years ago, but those were just pretty plain and buttered. These were succulent and savory and I even enjoyed the mushrooms. There’s nothing scary about snails at all. They’re delicious.
E wanted the octopus dish, but they had just run out. So instead, she got the striped bass prepared as the octopus had been. So here is the striped bass with with cauliflower couscous, tomatillo and red bell pepper, preserved lemon, in a caper brown butter. Yum!
I got the regular striped bass dish, which was served with artichoke barigoule, fava beans, butternut squash, and barigoule emulsion. What does all that mean? I don’t know, it just tasted good. Both of the fish dishes were perfectly cooked. The fish was tender but with a slightly crispy skin. The accompanying flavors and veggies were mild, yet perfect for how it was prepared. We both ate it up!
E is a chocolate girl, so she got the mimi’s chocolate cake with caramel sauce. Oh my word. This was an individual sized and baked cake. It was crazy good.
I prefer fruit in my desserts so I went with the crumble fresh cranberry pie. Jimminy cricket this was amazing too. The cranberry was fresh and tart and the accompanying berries were lovely and sweet. Really, every bite of this meal was superb.
Just when we thought we were done, they brought out some macaroons and other sweet treats. How cute is this! And if that wasn’t enough, Chef Pierre came out and said hello to us (and everyone else). We were both elated, stuffed, and a bit starstruck to say anything intelligible! We both thoroughly enjoyed our meal here, and the entire experience. I still don’t know jack about french food, but places like Bibou make me want to try it again and again.
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