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Nomad Pizza

nomadpizzaOnce in awhile, we’ll just make impromptu dinner plans, in the neighborhood. While our usual go-to takeout pizza joint is Lazaro’s, we wanted to dine in. So on a particularly lovely day, we took a nice little walk to Nomad Pizza. It’s a nice spot with plenty of seating, including al fresco. There’s a large upstairs where they sometimes show movies! It seems quite family-friendly, as we saw many there, along with pets at the outdoor tables. We got the spicy soppressata pizza. We loved it! It comes with italian tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, basil, spicy soppressato (der), oregano, garlic, red pepper flakes, parmesan, honey, and sea salt. Yep, you read that right – honey! And it was awesome. There’s so many different tastes going on in this pizza, with the spiciness of the salami, the sweetness of the honey, the savory flavors of the basil, cheese, and other spices. And I wouldn’t change a thing!
nomadsaladWe figured we might need a little bit of veggies too, so we also got a bleu cheese salad of mixed greens, roasted pecans, roasted pears, dried cranberries, and maytag crumbled bleu cheese in a house balsamic vinaigrette. This was great too, and it made me think I was being “healthy”. Anything to make me think I’m counteracting the pizza.

The service was good, however, I think they forgot about our pizza or our order got initially lost. There were so many tables who got their pizza before us, who came in and ordered way after us. And we waited an awfully long time for the pizza. And they apologized to us about the wait. We didn’t care though, at least not this time. We enjoyed the salad and then enjoyed our time together waiting for the tasty pizza.
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Taki – Niagara Falls

It was pretty cold in Niagara Falls, and when it gets cold, I want noodle soup. Yeah, I’m a little obsessed with udon. So I did a little research and found Taki. I didn’t have a car, so I walked. I wasn’t quite prepared for how long a walk it would be. And how unsavory some of the parts of town I’d have to walk through. In fact, walking through it was a bit depressing. But I digress… Eventually, I made it there. By golly, I made it there! And it was a good thing too because I was frickin starving. The place is dark and modern and seems to cater towards Japanese tourists. It actually is japanese-run and all the servers seem to speak japanese. This excited me. I had to wait a bit as they told me they had many groups already, and although there were many empty tables, they were a bit swamped. Apparently, due to the tour groups, you should really have a reservation. And for whatever reason, they weren’t letting anyone eat at the bar. Which was empty.  Eventually, I did get a table. 
The sunomono was the first thing to come out. And man, was I glad it did. I waited an awful long time for this. Everyone around me was getting food, and I mean everyone. But I just sat. And waited and waited. Finally, food! This was very good. But why did it take so long to come out? 
Then I waited some more. And waited and waited. And eventually again, my sushi came out. This was basically white salmon that was torched on one side. I’m sure there’s an official name for this, but I forgot to jot it down. So delicious! I mean, it would probably have been great without the torching, but man, there’s just something about that extra char bit that just makes it unbelievably delicious. I could eat all my sushi like this. Even though it was cold outside, with the extremely long walk and the coat I was wearing, I’d worked up quite a sweat. And the restaurant was also quite warm. So now, I wanted nothing to do with hot soup! 
So instead, I got zaru soba. You take the cold soba noodles and you dip them into the also cold sauce. Sounds strange, I know, but this is delicious. I have fond memories from my childhood in Korea where I would eat plates and plates of this. I would have loved it if they also provided some grated daikon with this, for the sauce, but hey, you can’t win em all. The food was excellent here. It was worth the walk. But I had to wait an unpleasantly long time for my food. They even noticed and apologized, luckily. When you’re in a tourist-driven town like this, it tends to be overrun with chain restaurants. So you have to look a little and you’ll find an awesome japanese place like this.
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Umezono – Atlanta

I was in Atlanta for business the other week, and really wanting udon. I was feeling a bit run down from so much travelling in such a short amount of time, so I love to stuff noodle soup in my belly to make myself feel better. I just happened to be near a couple of japanese spots, but I headed out to the one with the best reviews – Umezono. It’s in a really random stripmall, which even has a strip club in it! Unfortunate, but true! There’s also a little japanese grocery store next door. 
Well wouldn’t you know it, this place was an authentic japanese-run joint in the middle of nowhere Atlanta. I’d have never guessed. I just lucked out that my Doubletree was around the corner from it! Actual japanese chefs, servers wearing kimonos, hot towels. It was the real deal!  You get a little tiny bowl of complimentary edamame. I got a little salad too, as my body was craving some items from nature. It happens sometimes, where I really want vegetables.
Everyone knows that I’m crazy about agedashi tofu. Very respectable, but still doesn’t come close to Sagami. 
I went pretty traditional and had a kitsune udon. Who can resist sweet fried tofu? Not this girl! The broth was just right and the noodles were cooked firm, but not overdone. Really, I got super lucky with this place. I could have ended up just about anywhere, but thank goodness for the random work customer site powers that be. If I hadn’t felt so blah I would have definitely tried some sushi. Next time!
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