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Clarke’s – Tropic

For our epic visit to Bryce Canyon, we set up camp in Tropic, Utah. Yes folks, it’s another teensy town in the middle of nowhere. The food choices were particularly paltry. So late at night on a sunday, after driving around aimlessly, we just ended up down the street at Clarke’s. We were absolutely starving. Freshly baked warm bread with whipped butter… yum!
Here’s where things just get nuts. This is supposed to be a chef salad. Yes, a chef salad. But instead, what we got was a giant heap of chopped ham and some actual salad parts. It was beyond ridiculous. And it took S about 5 solid minutes to pick out all the ham. And it filled a big bowl. And it really pissed her off. I understand that some people want a bit of protein in their salads, but really, a salad is a salad for a reason, because someone wants a salad. If she wanted to order a plate of ham with a side of greens, that’s what she would have ordered. Clarke’s, you seriously need to rethink the contents of your chef salad. For the love of food, please reconsider the proportions.
I lucked out because I ordered the veggie burger, which was just fine. I also got a little side salad with my burger and that was fine too, because it was actually a salad and not a giant bowl of ham. Service was fine but we felt slightly out of place.

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Zax – Moab

Moab is a pretty small town. You can pretty much walk up and down the main strip in no time. We tried to go to this one restaurant, but we could not find it and our GPS wasn’t much help. So after driving around for awhile, we came back to the hotel and walked to Zax. There’s indoor seating as well as pseudo-outdoor seating. It’s a casual restaurant that seems pretty good for family dining.
S got one of the specials, which was a mahi mahi entree with mango salsa. It also came with grilled veggies on a stick, garlic bread, and baked potato. This wasn’t particularly interesting to me. The fish didn’t seem that fresh and the mango salsa just wasn’t right. I found the baked potato to be the best part.
I went with one of the regular deals which is all-you-can-eat pizza, salad, and soup. There’s something I’ve got to like in there, right? Well, the pizza was definitely the weakest. I think if the pizza was actually hot, it would have been ok and almost good, but when it’s lukecold, it’s pretty blah. I think I wouldn’t have ever cared for their dough though, so the heat probably really didn’t matter. The salad bar reminded me of a really simple buffet salad bar, kind of like the one my family would take us to when we were young and we ate at the Rustler every weekend. But you know what? I was a big fan of this salad bar. The veggies were fresh even though completely not fancy, they had hard-boiled egg and dressings that I liked. I love any salad bar that has chopped up hard-boiled egg.
But it was even better that the salad bar itself was in a canoe. Yes, a canoe. You know I can’t make this stuff up.
It was pretty obvious that the soup came out of a can, but I also did not mind that. Sometimes you just want soup, and to me, most canned soups are just fine. This was a beef vegetable and it was just fine by me! The server was really nice and enthusiastic, but I’m not gonna lie to you, I really wasn’t crazy about any of the food. I would have to say this was one of the not-so-great meals of the entire trip.
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Hard Rock Cafe – For Serious

It’s hard to believe, but I’m not allowed to say that I’ve never eaten at a Hard Rock Cafe anymore. When a team dinner calls, you must go eat. We were staying at the Hard Rock Hotel, so the cafe at the CityWalk was just a quick walk away. It’s pretty ginormous. In fact, it’s the largest Hard Rock Cafe in the world. Wow. Yes, there’s music memorabilia everywhere. There are even these pretty cool stained glass windows. There’s also some kind of convertible that’s spinning around above the bar. It’s a spectacle.
I wasn’t up for drinking that night so I got a smoothie of some kind. It came in a giant glass and it was quite enjoyable.
Here’s M’s hickory-smoked pulled-pork sandwich. He got his with the Hickory BBQ sauce and not the carolina vinegar-based kind. The sandwich is topped with marinated slaw and also served with seasoned fries, ranch beans and fresh coleslaw. This was pretty decent. The best things were the beans!
I got the anti-cobb salad.  Basically, it was a bunch of fruit on top of lettuce, and I loved it! It was a bunch of mixed greens topped with dried cranberries, fresh Granny Smith apple slices, fresh strawberries, diced grilled chicken breast, fresh orange segments, avocado, and mango served with a tangerine balsamic dressing. This was a spectacular salad! I loved all the fruit and the dressing was just awesome. And you got a heap of protein with the grilled chicken so it wasn’t just fruit only. I really did love it so, I could have eaten this every day! Our server did a great job putting up with us. And for such a large party and a large restaurant, the food came out pretty quick. The kitchen and staff must be massive!

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