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Azie – Media

Why the heck was I having lunch in Media? Because of jury duty, of course! Otherwise, it wouldn’t make much logistical sense for me to be hauling my ass all the way over to those parts. But you know, civic duty doesn’t wait! I decided to go classy and lunch at Azie on my first day. It’s very attractive and fancy. I felt like a big grub hanging out there.
The miso soup was quite tasty. The scallions were chopped super fine, which I totally dug.
One of their lunch specials is a sushi roll set with soup, side salad, and two rolls.I picked the spicy tuna roll and the shrimp tempura roll. These weren’t bad or anything, they just weren’t particularly good. They were just totally middle of the road. Really, when you’re surrounded by all the shiny sparkling prettiness, you expect the food to be worthy. But I was so not impressed with it. I don’t know, it was just blah. The salad had a zippy little dressing but the soup and salad really shouldn’t be the highlights of my meal, which they were. Service was fine.

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Scallop Lunch – Padma Style

My mom and I headed to Columbus for a long weekend to visit the only person that matters in my family anymore, my baby nephew. For lunch, my sister-in-law decided to make us a nice meal with scallops! Using a recipe from Padma Lakshmi’s Tangy Tart Hot and Sweet, we were treated to some surprisingly tasty scallops!
Here are some of the ingredients… chopped peanuts, cucumber relish, and breadcrumbs with mango powder for dusting on the scallops.
As it turned out, she had no idea how to cook scallops. I didn’t really know how either, but I’d tried once before, and failed spectacularly. But considering I had some “experience”, I ended up actually cooking them. And shockingly, they turned out well! I seared them on both sides and they turned out cooked just right. I don’t know how that happened. Let’s chalk it up to luck!
We also had some colorful salads and some wheat naan bread. I know, seriously, I never make myself meals this extensive. I’m lucky if I actually eat my food out of a bowl, instead of the pot.
We also had some leftover red velvet chocolate cake in the shape of a heart. Awww…

The Country Cat – PDX

For my last meal in Portland, we headed to The Country Cat in the southeast. I really wanted to go to this food truck called Kim Jong Grillin’ because, honestly, I couldn’t think of a food truck with a better name. But alas, it was closed that night. The Country Cat is a neighborhood restaurant specializing in Farm-to-Table food, where everything in prepared in-house. It’s got a good sized dining and a bar. There’s also a chef’s table at the open kitchen, which is where we dined. It got really hot there!
The mixed salad of local greens with a really zesty house dressing. This was a big plate of greens, just greens. Would it have killed you to throw in a tomato? A piece of carrot? It was just too… green for me. And the dressing, while good, was a bit too much. They need to lighten up on the amount of dressing. The greens were nice and fresh.
The soup of the day, which was some kind of sweet potato or butternut squash type of creamy concoction (sorry I forget!), topped with a whole lotta bacon, croutons, and fresh cream. I love creamy and thick soup like this. When it’s cold out, there’s really nothing I love more. And this was a nice sizable bowl! Plus, bacon! Any soup with bacon is a winner in my book.
Here’s the cast iron skillet fried chicken with bacon braised collard greens, served with a honey drizzled sweet cream biscuit. It’s delicious! It’s extra delicious because I got to watch them make everything. I think they cook this chicken twice in the skillet. It’s hot and juicy. I’m not the biggest fan of greens, but I definitely liked these, as they weren’t bitter at all. And I absolutely love biscuits, especially when they pour gobs of honey over it… I can see why this dish is so popular. Service was good and I enjoyed the free show!

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