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Mexican In The Mission – Happy Hour Special

You can’t go 2 yards in the Mission without coming up on a Mexican restaurant. They’re literally everywhere. So when J came down to the Mission the other night and wanted a burrito, we headed off to Puerto Alegre. Except as usual, there was a huge line at the place. Annoying. So we went down the block to El Toro, also on Valencia. It’s a nice and bright cafeteria style type joint. You pick up your food, head over to the salsa bar, and then pick a seat and chow down.

I got a two taco combo (even though I only asked for one). It comes on a huge plate with rice and beans, guac, a side salad, and chips. That’s tons of food. I got one pork and one beef. Good and good. The beans weren’t as good as I’d hoped, but still pretty good. Like I said, they have a salsa bar, which is really one of my favorite parts of eating mexican food in general. And as usual, my trusty lime jarritos. For whatever reason, I was reaching for the jarritos instead of the sidral. The chips were really great, super crunchy and not greasy at all. I forget what kind of salsa I picked, but it was a smoky one. The burritos are huge. I did not partake of one but I enjoyed some vicariously through J and J.

El Toro is infamous for their weekday happy hour. From 3-5pm they have $1 tacos, $2 beers, and $1 agua frescas. Not too shabby in this economy! We didn’t go during this crazy happy hour, but this is definitely good information to know. We had done some indoor climbing earlier in the day at Mission Cliffs, so we were tired and starving and scarfed all the food down right quick. Good food, good prices, friendly service, and the place is clean!

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Eating And Watching

There’s a fancy Sundance Cinema in japantown. Not only do they show cool movies, but they also serve food and beer! They have popcorn and candy too, and sodas and coffee and other snacks.
But they also have pizzas and sandwiches and little snacks! And cocktails too. And they also have a restaurant next door, Sundance Kitchen, that serves a full menu. And you can reserve seats for your movie so you can pick your favorite spot. And the seats are really nice with plenty of room for you to put down your food and drinks. Thanks Robert Redford! It’s like the Alama Drafthouse in Austin but a little bit more upscale. Gawd, I miss the Alamo Drafthouse!

Mediterranean In The Park

It was a really nice day, so we decided to grab a quick dinner and go eat it in the park. We stopped at Truly Mediterranean, a teeny little takeout spot on 16th.
They serve middle eastern fare, kabobs, falafel, shawermas and such.
There’s the big spit with all the layers of the lamb meat for doners and shawermas and such. That’s my sandwich parts being grilled.
J’s athens burger in a pocket – seasoned ground sirloin with pita and tomatoes, cucumbers, parsley, seasoned onions, salad, and tahini sauce. This same tahini sauce he proceeded to spill all over his formerly nice linen pants.
My kefta kabob in lovash – seasoned ground lamb and sirloin rolled in lovash with tomatoes, cucumbers, parsley, onions, salad, and tahini sauce. No tahini sauce spilling by me. And a delicious lime jarritos which I picked up at a mexican place around the corner. It was lovely outdoor dining, until it got too cold to be enjoyable. Which happened a lot during this trip.
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