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Brunch At Bar Tartine

So guess what? There’s also a Bar Tartine to go along with Tartine Bakery. Bar Tartine is a proper restaurant on Valencia. It’s so nice on the inside. It’s my dream home. I’d like to have an apartment that looked just like it. With the kitchen and all, minus so many tables. One or two would be fine though. Awesome floors, brick walls, columns, everything… I want it! I love the juxtaposition of how nice this place is and how slightly ghetto it looks right outside of the place, including the lovely graffiti on the window.
They serve blue bottle coffee here! So J had to get one, in an adorable little french press.
Forgive him for getting all artsy with the cream pouring shot.
The house-made merguez sausage, israeli couscous, corn, summer squash, mint, and poached eggs. Really f’in delicious.La Quercia organic cured ham with poached eggs and grilled country bread. So simple! Yet so good! It’s just bread, topped with thinly sliced ham, and topped with eggs. But yeah, it was great! Service was good. We went on a Sunday morning, and we went during prime time, but we didn’t have to wait, we we fully appreciated. But the place got packed within a few minutes of us being there. It’s not a whole lot of food, but it’s not particularly overpriced or anything, so it’s definitely worth checking out. But you will probably need to eat soon after that… at least a snack! Next time, we’ll check out dinner.
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July 4th Vietnamese Dinner

To celebrate July 4th, we decided to bbq. Ok, no, there were no facilities to do that, so we went for vietnamese instead. There are a good number of vietnamese spots in the mission. Thanh Tam II was just the place we randomly picked. It’s a small little joint, dimly lit, with christmas lights on the wall. I dug it. The traditional vietnamese garbed lady on the cover of the menu is a bit menacing / creepy.
J got the chicken and shrimp rice plate. Good and good.
I wanted soup, but not pho or anything with meat, so I went with the seafood noodle soup. It came with scallops, shrimp, squid, and fish cake. All good. It was a really light broth, but spot on with just enough flavor. I can’t even really describe what it tasted like, but it was just what I wanted, and it was delicious. I practically drained the bowl.

Service was good, the food came out fast, it tasted good, and it was super cheap. What more can you ask for in vietnamese fare?

Thanh Tam II
577 Valencia St
San Francisco, CA 94110
(415) 252-1190
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Beef Jerky at Angelo’s

While doing some research on places to stop in Sonoma, I found this out of the way little jerky shop called Angelo’s. Yes, jerky. They have other stuff too, but they’re famous for their beef jerky. Look at all the free samples!
We ended up picking up some pepper and bbq jerky. It’s seriously good stuff, if you’re into jerky. Which I totally am! It ended up being an excellent snack throughout my SF stay.

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