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Ramen Fest At Katana-Ya

Being from Philly where there are no ramen spots to be had, whenever I’m at a place where they have such a glorious thing, I try to take advantage. So I was back at Katana-Ya. Here’s the veggie ramen with miso broth. Pretty freakin gorgeous, eh?
I also somehow ended up with a veggie ramen. But mine was much more firey. I got the spicy tofu ramen, which had a crapton of kimchi in it, and tofu, and awesomeness. And this bowl was crazy big. It was about the size of my torso. Yeah, that’s right, I ate my torso worth of ramen. And it was wondrous!

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Kate’s Kitchen – Brunch In Lower Haight

Instead of hanging in the Mission for brunch, we took a bit of a hike to¬†Kate’s Kitchen in Lower Haight. It’s a completely non-pretentious place. Don’t be fooled though, it is still staffed by hipsters. But from the outside, it’s totally unassuming. The inside is pretty cozy and cute.
This painting of these fine United States if all kinds of awesome, showing what’s grown and raised in different parts of the country.
These are the ridiculous oatmeal pancakes with bananas and almonds. These are only two. How could anyone possibly eat four of them? They are served with a teeny little bowl of maple syrup. Yes, they’re quite good.
Although there were fancier french toast to be had, some with random stuff heaped on top, I just got the regular orange spice ones. Sometimes I waver from wanting something sweet for brunch or something savory, but these totally won me over that day. The service was fine and prices are pretty darn low. Plus, we didn’t have to wait the ridiculous waits of a lot of the Mission spots!

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Arinell Pizza – The Mission

If it’s late at night and you’re in the Mission and you want a dirty slice, you go to Arinell Pizza.
The slices are huge and they’ll put on all kinds of topping for you. Don’t the ones on the right look like Ellio’s slices that you got at your high school cafeteria?

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