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Festing In Napa

On July 4, we decided to drive through the wine country. We figured it wouldn’t be crowded since it was July 4th weekend, and we were correct! People warned us of traffic on weekends up here, but none was to be found. As we drove through downtown Napa, we discovered they were having a little outdoor festival. You know what that means. Festival food!
Uh… hello fresh roasted corn on the cob! I want me one of these here machines for my house. These were cooked amazingly well. I don’t like corn when it’s overcooked and mushy. I like the kernels to pop when I bite into it!
The pulled over husks proved to be the perfect holders for these giant ears of corn. And they dipped it into a vat of melted butter first. Heaven! And let me tell you, this was the most amazingly sweet corn, ever.

As we kept on walking, we saw people with giant turkey legs. Oh my. It brought back memories of renaissance faires and amusement parks. Turkey legs are the best parts about them!

So you know, we had to get one. This is the jumbo. Gah. It was slow smoked and grilled. So it tasted like ham. Yeah, seriously, like a big ham on a stick. I’m not gonna lie to ya, it was delicious. And I’ll do it again. We didn’t plan on only eating food you had to hold with your hand and then hunker down on to, it just ended up that way. That’s how the best food is eaten anyway. With yer mitts and tearing into it with your choppers.

Walzwerk – German Food In The Mission

I told you there was tons of places to eat in the Mission. An off-the-beaten-path option is Walzwerk, a german place. It’s on South Van Ness, not near anything remotely interesting. Unless you consider used car lots and mechanic shops interesting. It came highly recommended from J2, so thank you to him. He usually doesn’t even eat strange food, so we’re very proud of him for trying something so ethnic. It’s a little itty bitty place that specializes in east german cuisine. We love their logo.
Before our dishes came out, they gave us complimentary appetizers. Yum!
They even have their logo on their plates. Adorable.
They had a special which was a vegetarian asparagus stew. This stew was thick and hearthy and super peppery. Beyond peppery, but in a good way. It had asparagus, along with some hunks of carrot, potatoes, and other veggies. It was served with some seriously grainy and chunky bread. It was perfect for this stew.
J ordered the sauerbraten. It is a big heaping of stewed braised beef, slow cooked so that it’s super tender, along with braised cabbage and a little bit of spaetzle. This is one of my favorite german dishes, so I loved it. It was tons of food, with strong flavors, and with high quality ingredients. I wasn’t in the mood for meat, so I got the cheese spaetzle. It’s basically a german version of mac and cheese, and I loved it. It was german comfort food at its best. It was served with a mixed salad, which consisted of white cabbage, carrot, and red cabbage salads. I loved them all! We also had apfelschorle, which is basically apple soda, which is one of my most favorite drinks in the whole wide world. And seeing as how it’s a german restaurant, they also have a fine selection of brews. This place is tiny, and quite popular, so make a reservation, or go early! Service is good, and the servers are genuine germans! I can’t recommend this place enough.

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Korean Fast Food

We spent some time walking down Market street and hanging around the Powell st bart stop doing a little window shopping. After being quite worn down, I remembered that there was a Beard Papa’s at the big shopping center. And so we headed down to the food court so I could grab myself a couple of beautiful cream puffs. Did you think I wouldn’t hit up Beard Papa’s while in California? Pish! They’re in the white bag on the tray!!! Then we started walking around this really nice food court. We got suckered in by free samples from Sorabol in the food court. It’s a korean fast food place.

This plate is ginormous. Like seriously ginormous. More than enough for two people. I can’t imagine one human being eating this much food, unless there was a cash prize at the end. We got the two meat combo, which was kalbi stew and grilled chicken, and it also came with a giant heap of white rice, an even bigger heap of japchae, and then a bit of broccoli and onion as veg. And then the piece de resistance! Kimchi! And it was good kimchi at that. I loved it! And the rest of the plate as well. I can hardly tell you just how much meat was on this plate. Seriously, like 3 chicken breast size portions of chicken, and a dozen pieces of the rib. Gah. And we ate it all up. I wish I could eat like this at my local mall.

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